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3Play Media Review

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What is 3Play Media?

3Play Media offers transcription, captioning, editing and translation services to various industries, such as; Higher Education, Government, Media, and Private Business, to name a few.

They have an extensive technical and sophisticated online system that they use to collect work, hire contract employees for editing and transcription jobs, and to help ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

3Play Media started in 2007. The co-founders are Chris Antunes, Jeremy Barron, CJ Johnson and Josh Miller.

How does 3Play Media work?

3Play Media provides online transcription jobs, including editor positions. You must pass a series of expertise and proficiency assessment to be considered.

To be successful, you must be able to write at least 75 WPM and master Internet research.

It is an advantage if you are an Excel expert. Payment varies by project, but contractors can earn between $10.00 and $30.00 depending on individual speed and efficiency.

What are the requirements to work for 3Play Media?

First off, they only hire people in the United States; you will also need access to a computer (PC or Mac) and Internet access.

Some skills they would like you to have are:

  • Great communicator, plus excellent in written English
  • At least 75 wpm write speed
  • Ability to work independently
  • Familiar with Excel and word processing programs

Other than these requirements, you do not need an experience to apply for this editing job.

How do you earn money on 3Play Media?

Similar to other general transcription jobs, this is a work at home transcription editing job.

Works on the site are flexible, and you decide which projects to accept, how much you want to work and work according to your schedule and comfort.

How much money can you make on 3Play Media?

It states it plain and clear on their site; you can earn $10 to $30 an hour from editing transcripts.

Pros of working for 3Play Media

  • Better pay than many other transcription sites.
  • Known companies as clients
  • The audio files to select are varied and exciting, and you can transcribe university lectures as well as sports-related content.
  • Payment is excellent compared to other transcription sites.

Cons of working for 3Play Media

  • Seasonal jobs
  • Many evaluation tests during the application.
  • The job can be unreliable at times, and when it’s there, it tends to be grabbed very quickly.
  • The opportunity cannot provide you with a full-time income but is only a gig for additional income.

How do I sign up to work for 3Play Media?

If you want to be considered during the next hiring batch at 3PlayMedia, then visit their site, read the job requirements and follow the link on the application page. Good luck!

What is the website for 3Play Media?


Does 3Play Media have an app?

There are no apps available.


In general, 3Play Media can be a legitimate way to earn if you want to add some extra bucks to your income.

You just need to have all the qualifications, as well as being a U.S citizen and have a fast writing speed. You also have to pass all of your assessment tests.

It’s exciting that, in our opinion, you’re not just listening to audio and then transcribing word for word.

You need a good understanding of the English Language to do this job correctly, but the pay is definitely better than several other transcription jobs you can find today.

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