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AdvisoryCloud Review

Compensation : -
Skills Needed : Business Solutions, Consulting
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is AdvisoryCloud?

AdvisoryCloud was founded in 2012 with the sole purpose of offering professionals a platform and tools to monetize their knowledge and expertise. The plaform currently has more than 150 employees based in Marin, California. It also has offices in Idaho, Boise, and Orange County.

The company is a unique platform that enables professional business advisors to list their services and availability so that companies and professionals who need this type of service can easily relate to advisors who are right for them. This service is a real win/win situation for both parties.

How does AdvisoryCloud work?

Advisors receive a public profile on AdvisoryCloud, which helps them develop their brand by listing their experience and skills. Each profile is a web page that serves as a hub for attracting clients and managing the executive’s advisory work.

Once clients select a candidate advisor, they begin the hiring process with a one-hour telephone meeting. If a client is not satisfied with the results of that meeting, the credit is applied to another meeting. Executives are paid through a secure payment system once they are hired.

The gigs that advisors get may generally be classified into intermittent and full-time assignments. Intermittent tasks include quarterly meetings with a group of advisors who already have decisions that an executive might be contemplating.

What are the requirements to work for AdvisoryCloud?

As an advisor, you sign up, create a profile, customize settings, so AdvisoryCloud knows what services you offer, and then wait for jobs to arrive. You can configure your hours, services and rates.

How do you earn money on AdvisoryCloud?

The platform makes it possible for professionals in various fields to provide their expertise and establish compensation for it. First and foremost set up a profile then build your professional brand and availing yourself as an advisor on

How much money can you make on AdvisoryCloud?

Set by you

Pros of working for AdvisoryCloud

  • The good thing about the platform is that professionals have the freedom to establish their own compensation plans.
  • A share button on the Cloud Advisory page: Members can publicly share their Advisory page.
  • Members can set their availability for phone calls or meetings on their Advisor page (setting the time and days that suit them).
  • Members receive payment almost immediately for their advisory work on the Advisor page.
  • Upon making connections within the same networks, members can respond almost instantly with a link to their advisor page.

Cons of working for AdvisoryCloud

  • Business Advisor is far from being an easy job. You will need to master the basics of getting clients and understand what you are doing.
  • Due to the potential volatility of the financial market, being a professional advisor will inevitably generate high levels of stress.
  • There are several regulations in force to establish a legal practice. This means that you will need to get a license and make sure you keep these licenses up to date every year.

How do I sign up to work for AdvisoryCloud?

Click “Become an Advisor” at the top of the website to get started.

What is the website for AdvisoryCloud?

Does AdvisoryCloud have an app?

There are no apps available.


Choosing a career as a professional advisor is not an easy path by any means.

However, who stick with it and put in sweat and tears have access to unlimited potential in a truly rewarding line of work.

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