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AKC Marketplace Review

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What is AKC Marketplace?

Buying a first puppy or dog is the most challenging part for the owner. For this, the American Kennel Club or the AKC marketplace makes it easier, as it applies all the rules and regulations while breeding and buying a puppy.

The American Kennel Club is the only registration agency responsible for tracking the lineage of a variety of centuries-old dog breeds.

AKC Marketplace also joins forces with Rover.com, the nation’s largest 5-star network of pet sitters and dog walkers, to provide even more pet services to AKC Marketplace.

How does AKC Marketplace work?

Of all the puppy selling sites, this is the only buying and selling platform designed by the AKC to help puppy buyers connect with breeders.

Right now, it currently offers ads for both dog breeders and groomers; however, it hopes to expand to veterinarians and other canine professionals.

But right now, it’s an excellent resource for your litters to show off. Since the AKC administers it, there are stipulations that you must follow.

What are the requirements to list on the AKC Marketplace?

  1. You must be a good quality AKC Breeder.
  2. All litters must be registered with the AKC.
  3. You must be open to the Breeder of Merit and Bred with HEART programs, which means continuing their education and proper health testing for your dogs.
  4. Be prepared for AKC kennel inspections.
  5. To participate in the AKC market program, all groomers and trainers must have professional experience and pass a Rover grooming safety evaluation and background check.

How do you earn money on AKC Marketplace?

The AKC marketplace is dedicated to accredited breeders who are producing AKC registered purebred puppies. They are not open to breeders who do not breed registered puppies or who breed mixed or designer breeds.

AKC marketplace also connects groomers and trainers with pet owners.

How much money can you make on AKC Marketplace?

Widely variable

Pros of listing on AKC Marketplace

  • Work with man’s best friend. Anyone who decides to start breeding dogs must surely love our canine chums. It is a responsible, compassionate and caring role, which can bring great joy to the right person.
  • Over the years, breeding dogs has resulted in new breeds, further fueling our love for dogs.
  • The general public loves dogs and, as a breeder, is providing them with a breed that is healthy and happy rather than just randomly choosing.
  • Preserve rare breeds. Many breeds of dogs are disappearing because people have lost interest in them; our modern lifestyles do not require their specific skills (hunting, sub-zero coats, etc.).
  • Excellent sitter communication via the app with text, photo and video sharing

Cons of listing on AKC Marketplace

  • Professional dog breeding requires knowledge. It is not something you must enter blindly.
  • Dog breeding can be an all-consuming profession.
  • Honesty and standards: If you are breeding to improve, you must be able to recognize and accept your dog’s flaws.
  • Dog breeding has an associated financial cost. There are health tests, genetic tests and veterinary checks, food, bedding, and cleaning supplies.

How do I sign up to list on AKC Marketplace?

As a breeder, your first step will be to register at Marketplace.akc.org by clicking “List with Marketplace” at the top of your website.

What is the website for AKC Marketplace?


Does AKC Marketplace have an app?

There are no apps available.


The American Kennel Club Marketplace helps you sell your dogs and puppies to many interested buyers across the state. It enables you to get the price of your desire by selling the puppies.

It is important to note that you have to pay through the AKC Marketplace and you will spend around $10 a month or $99 a year to have unlimited access to the service.

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