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American Express Review

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What is American Express?

This company has created a work culture focused on doing what you love, making it perfect for aspiring digital nomads seeking to combine their passion for travel with their professional ambitions. Named one of the best 20 companies for remote workers, American Express offers remote or travel-friendly positions in various departments, from customer service support to human resources and sales.

American Express wants to set its remote workers for success, so it has requirements for setting up your home office to ensure productivity. For most remote positions, you will need to have a quiet and dedicated office space and establish a high-speed Internet connection separate from your home network.

How does American Express work?

American Express Customer Care professionals answer customer queries about their accounts.

I.e., they work in customer service and are available to solve customer concerns and complaints and help them manage their accounts.

Your tasks will include answering questions, creatively solving problems, and providing “extraordinary” customer service.

According to the American Express website, they also work to grow and mature customer relationships and exceed client expectations by offering solutions tailored specifically to American Express customers.

On any given day, you can do things like:

  • Help a client verify their account balance
  • Close a customer account on demand
  • Cancel a lost or stolen credit card
  • Help a customer read their bill
  • Update customer account information
  • Offer new solutions to a customer that can help them manage their money.
  • Log a complaint from a customer

These positions are open to residents of all US states, except California, Alaska, and Hawaii. Training is paid.

What are the requirements to work for American Express?

If you are interested in this position, you must meet the following requirements in several areas:

  • Professional and educational qualifications
  • Home Based Virtual Customer Service Experience
  • A degree of 4 years or more than 4 years of relevant experience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Basic computer knowledge.
  • Strong understanding of the Internet.
  • Some experience in sales
  • Flexible schedules

How do you earn money on American Express?

You are primarily taking calls, helping customers with their bills, answering questions, etc. Of course, you must be able to provide a quiet environment while you work.

How much money can you make on American Express?

Recent job posts no longer list wages, but in the past, the starting pay for many work at home jobs was in the range of $15 an hour. Anonymous Glassdoor reviews suggest this is still more or less accurate; however, this rate was based on previous work experience.

Pros of working for American Express

  • They give you access to lots of great employee benefits.
  • You will also have a competitive base pay, which means wage stability.
  • You will also have access to performance-based bonuses, which means the better you are at customer service, the more you will reward.
  • Also, the company will pay for your phone line and the Internet. You just need to make sure they are only used for work!

Cons of working for American Express

  • You may end up working on weekends and holidays.
  • You may also need to meet specific metrics every week or month, so if you don’t like accountability, you may not like this.
  • Most people say it is not easy to be hired, but those hired kept trying until they found gold.

How do I sign up to work for American Express?

If you like what you’ve read so far and thought this sounds great, head over to the American Express Career page. You will be able to read all of the virtual career offers and apply for available jobs from American Express Customer Service.

What is the American Express website?

Does American Express have an app?

There is no app available.


American Express is a well-known company that offers legitimate full-time work opportunities from home.

If you can meet the requirements and are interested in this job, it is definitely worth applying for.

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