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Aptdeco Review

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What is AptDeco?

It starts out similar to Craiglist: With AptDeco, you create an online listing for each piece of furniture you’re looking to sell. A buyer submits an offer to buy through AptDeco, and you have 24 hours to accept it (AptDeco keeps 14%-19%, depending on the selling price). When it’s time to exchange goods, though, AptDeco can step in and pick up the item from you and deliver it to the buyer–eliminating no-shows and cancellations. Payments are handled by AptDeco, processing when they pick up the item and post to your account within 24-48 hours.

How does AptDeco work?

Although the AptDeco site has no app, it’s still worth a look if you live near New York City or Washington — the only areas where it is currently available — because it offers pickup and delivery services.

When you post a product, the site recommends a price based on the original cost, condition, popularity, and past sale prices of similar items. Your photos are edited, so your items look as if they were shot against a white backdrop.

But this level of service comes at a price: The site takes a cut of your sale — which can be as much as 29 percent — on top of the delivery fee, which varies depending on size. Extra-large items requiring a team of three or more to move are generally $145; large items like beds and sofas are $95, and small items like lamps are $35.

What are the requirements to work for AptDeco?

Listing items on the site is easy. You name your item and provide as much information as possible, the company helps you with the visuals, and then up it goes.

How much money can you make AptDeco

AptDeco makes it easy to sell old furniture without all those in-person hassles. Your only job? Spending a few minutes posting detailed photos and a thorough, compelling description of your used furniture on their site.

How much money can you make on AptDeco?

Well, the sky is the limit.

Pros of working for AptDeco

  • AptDeco provides a safe and reliable way for people to create value for their gently used furniture.
  • AptDeco pockets a small 15% to 19% fee from the transaction. It is a simple, safe, and secure process for interchanging used furniture.
  • The company also offers its own fully insured pickup and drop off delivery option, which is another major point that sets it apart from competitors.
  • You pick the date and time for a convenient pickup, and AptDeco’s white-glove service will handle economical transportation out of your house and to the buyer.
  • Once you create a free AptDeco account, you can participate in their referral program to earn a $25 credit for each new user that you refer to.

Cons of working for AptDeco

  • Once you have approved a buyer, AptDeco takes a 19 percent cut of the sale.
  • Speaking of bargaining, do expect a lot of haggling with potential customers who approach your offers.
  • Being able to work in a locality is as much a disadvantage as it is an advantage. As AptDeco restricts your listings within your preferred area, you have limited reach when buying or selling.
  • AptDeco has fees for listing and selling, as well as fees for delivery.

How do I sign up to work for AptDeco?

To create a listing, you just head to this page on their site. From there, you provide the category, quantity, brand, and link to the item if there is a listing online. (This helps them get relevant images to help sell your item and give you a recommended cost to sell your item for.)

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AptDeco app

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While the fees for selling and delivery are higher than competitors like Craigslist, AptDeco provides much more protection, takes the hassle out of buying and selling, allows for returns, and provides insurance in case items are damaged or destroyed during transport. The fees may well be worth it for many buyers and sellers looking for peace of mind.

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