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Ask Wonder Review

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What is Ask Wonder?

Ask Wonder is an Internet community of researchers and writers who are ready to provide information for learners who have decided to take classes online or use the World Wide Web for more structured and understandable educational purposes.

When finding an answer to an educational program question becomes more difficult, that’s when the Ask Wonder team comes in handy (for a small fee, of course).

How does Ask Wonder work?

Ask Wonder is one of the most popular companies to answer questions – you’ll see them mentioned quite often. The platform invites their clients to submit questions, and then their researchers spend a little time searching for at least five quality sources that answer that question. Then, synthesizing that information into a response for their clients. You must pass a questionnaire and complete a sample task to work with them. still seems like a pretty new program, and there isn’t much information on this company. Each researcher has to go through an application process and, once accepted; this worker gets access to the list of research tasks.

What are the requirements to work for Ask Wonder?

To become a team member, you must provide the necessary information required by the site, and then you must take a test to determine if you qualify or not.

This qualification test will be a sample research question and how well you do it will determine whether you are accepted or not.

The test also determines how well you will fare as a team member and how you will provide the answer. They will also check your grammar and other writing skills.

How do you earn money on Ask Wonder?

As a researcher, you can choose which price points to accept and which requests you want to work on. You will set your own schedule and select what you want to work on and how often.

How much money can you make on Ask Wonder?

The best researchers can earn up to $35+ per hour and earn up to $2K per month.

Pros of working for Ask Wonder

  • The company offers flexible hours and you can work at any time. There are no schedules or hours that must be filled each week.
  • The work at the company is exciting, and many people have learned a lot from the research they do for the site.
  • The company offers training classes and will pay you for the class.
  • It is easy to understand the money you will earn from research projects. Each project has the amount of money indicated on the site.
  • In your control panel, you can choose the tasks you want to work on. It is easy to find assignments in your field of expertise, interest and how difficult they are to complete.

Cons of working for Ask Wonder

  • The review process is unfair and cumbersome.
  • After adding a new robust background screening procedure, applications are poorly reviewed.
  • Tasks take 2-4 hours or more to complete, and payment is the same. You will earn $16 for a task and not $16 an hour.
  • The job may be rejected for a silly reason, and you will need to redo the position to receive a payment. After finishing the review, it can be rejected again.
  • Once a task begins, you may find that this task will take much longer than you expected.

How do I sign up to work for Ask Wonder?

To apply for this work at home position, continue to their online application which is available at

What is the website for Ask Wonder?

Does Ask Wonder have an app?

There are no apps available.


This is a legitimate site to work; however, the questions are complicated and require a lot of research and time to answer. If you like to research, write a detailed answer, then this site is for you.

The company has a review board that reviews all answers on the site. This process is challenging, and sometimes you will have to redo your work. The pay scale for answering questions on this site is more extensive than other question and answer sites. It will take several hours on each question to get a set payment rate.

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