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Avvay Review

Compensation :  $100/hr 
Category : Rentals
Skills Needed : Rent Real Estate
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is AVVAY?

In 2016, Howard assembled a team of touring musicians whose skills ranged from engineering to UX and marketing to finding AVVAY, a booking venue platform for creatives.

The platform allows owners of unique venues — from lofts to farmhouses and warehouses — to list their space for creatives to book by the hour for events like photoshoots, launch parties, and music videos.

How does AVVAY work?

AVVAY is a platform for artists of all kinds to find and book creative space. Our motto, “Keep Creating,” speaks to one of our ultimate goals, to give creatives the freedom and space they need to make what they want. Whether that freedom comes from earning extra money with their personal space or quickly finding, scheduling, and paying for the perfect space, AVVAY allows creatives to tap into resources that have never before been within reach. From commercial studios to the hidden gems in city lofts, farmhouses, and other eclectic locations, we want to make inspiration accessible.

AVVAY currently serves the Nashville, Portland, Chicago, Dallas, and Houston markets.

What are the requirements to work for AVVAY?

Be over the age of 18.

How much money can you make on AVVAY

AVVAY allows you to list your property just like Airbnb, but instead of having it for people to stay in, it’s for people to work in.

AVVAY takes a small cut of the booking fee, but all properties can be listed for free.

How much money can you make on AVVAY?

The property-owner sets the rental rate and terms. You can, for instance, state what portion of the home/space is available and whether there are additional fees for services provided during the rental.

Pros of working for AVVAY

  • When you buy a home, the hope is that will appreciate in value so you can make more money off it when you sell.
  • The property-owner sets the rental rate and terms.
  • Owners also choose a cancellation policy — Flexible, Moderate, or Strict.
  • The owner also decides how much of a deposit to collect upfront and when payment is due for the entire booking.
  • You are likely to receive payment in full before the day of the rental.

Cons of working for AVVAY

  • Just like at your primary residence, things in a vacation home can break or just stop working at any time. When this happens, you, as the owner, are responsible for paying to fix it.
  • There is a lot of upkeep involved with owning a vacation rental property. You’ll have to keep up with regular maintenance and repairs.

How do I sign up to work for AVVAY?

Log into AVVAY.com and fill out a few questions plus necessary host information and then submit.

What is the website for AVVAY?



No app


As a host, you can list your creative space, set prices and schedules, and host a creative. Not only do artists looking for a space benefit, but people with a cool, inspirational pad can make some extra cash by listing their property.

AVVAY provides no commercial liability or property damage coverage. So if you rent your space through this platform, you should make sure to buy this coverage on your own. It also does not automatically collect a security deposit. Whether a security deposit is required is up to you.

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