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Aweber Review

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Skills Needed : Marketing
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is AWeber?

AWeber has been in business since 1998. Founded by Tom Kulzer, it now has more than 120,000 users. In terms of popularity, it’s one of the most commonly used email marketing providers.

The core functionality of AWeber is based upon its autoresponder setup. Whenever someone subscribes to your blog, you can automatically send them what’s called a “welcome” series of initial emails.

How does AWeber work?

AWeber is an industry-leading online marketing platform with all the tools you need to generate leads, nurture customer relationships, and increase conversions. Since 1998, small businesses have been relying on AWeber to provide them with the power to reach out and build a strong customer base. Email marketing newsletters, versatile autoresponders, and audience segmentation come together to help you create a powerful automated marketing campaign. Plus, data collection and performance analysis ensure you have all the information you need to keep improving and growing.

What are the requirements to work for AWeber?


How much money can you make on AWeber

For about £10 a month, you can get started and send as many emails as you want. You can also have up to 500 people on your database before the price goes up. This makes it easy to make your ROI. You really should stay away from free providers as they are more trouble than they are worth.

How much money can you make on AWeber?

Good business is all about ROI (return on your investment).

Meaning: The art of being able to spend £100 to make £200 or if you are further down the line, spending £10,000 to make £20,000.
When email marketing is done right, it will make you more money than it costs. Simple as that. Often it will make you many times the money it costs. This is why it is such a good thing to do.

Pros of working for AWeber

  • It’s easy to use.
  • It comes with an extensive range of templates — considerably more than its key competitors.
  • Support options are more extensive than is the case with some essential competing products, and based on Aweber’s Stevie awards for customer service, it should be high.
  • It’s reasonably priced — while not the cheapest product of its kind out there, it is less expensive than several similar solutions.
  • It lets you choose whether to subscribe people to your list on a single or double opt-in basis.

Cons of working for AWeber

  • Outdated templates. Aweber’s templates look like they were designed in the ’90s.
  • You are charged for duplicate subscribers and unsubscribers. Every subscriber on your list counts toward your subscriber quota in Aweber.
  • The RSS to email templates are poor, and they can’t be edited using Aweber’s standard drag-and-drop email builder.
  • You can’t include or exclude multiple segments at once when sending an e-newsletter.

How do I sign up to work for AWeber?

If you would like to try out Aweber email marketing for free and begin using the power of email marketing in your business, then simply click the button below now. For a limited time, the company is offering a free trial.

What is the website for AWeber?

AWeber APP

AWeber does have a free mobile app available for the iPhone, Android.


If you are a blogger or small business that has basic email marketing needs, then Aweber remains a reasonable choice. You get both rock-solid deliverability and great support in an affordable package.

But if you’re looking for an email service provider that’s going to grow with your business, then you might want to look somewhere else. Especially if you’re interested in adding more marketing automation into your business.

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