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Babyquip Review

Compensation :  $600-$5000/month 
Category : Caregiving, Rentals
Skills Needed : Rent Baby Gear 
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is BabyQuip?

Baby equipment rental companies make travel more relaxed and more comfortable for traveling families. “BabyQuip aims to take the hassle out of traveling with young children by renting out baby gear – strollers, pack ’n plays, cribs, car seats, high chairs, toys and much more – at hundreds of vacation destinations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Once parents visit BabyQuip and type in their destination and travel dates, they’ll see BabyQuip Quality Providers (QPs) who deliver to that area.

Parents choose the equipment they want and provide delivery specifics. Once they place the order, they receive an email confirmation, then the BabyQuip QP checks back with them a day or so before their travel date.

How does BabyQuip work?

BabyQuip has providers in 48 states, plus Washington, D.C., and Canada. An initial sign-up fee of $100 covers your administrative expenses, general liability insurance, and your first month of insurance coverage.

BabyQuip asks you a few questions, like where you want to deliver to and what your delivery fees will be, and then builds a website for you, uploading an inventory of recommended gear. You’re free to add or delete gear, customize descriptions, create custom gear packages, and set, or change, your rental and delivery fees at any time. Your Website will look professional and have all the functionality your customers will need to place orders.

What are the requirements to work for BabyQuip?

“Becoming a Quality Provider is easy. You’ll be invited to a brief online orientation then follow with an on-one-one interview conducted by another Quality Provider. Get your questions answered in this meeting and learn more about the company. Once you’ve done that, we set you up with a BabyQuip account and build your Website. Then, once you have just a little inventory — we set you live. You can get an order at any point after that. The first order is always exciting!”

How much money can you make on BabyQuip

The site connects traveling parents who need baby gear while on vacation, with local parents, who have it and are willing to rent it out. In addition to renting out cribs and toys, many BabyQuip contractors also offer to deliver other “consumables” — diapers, formula, wipes — to the travelers for a fee.

How much money can you make on BabyQuip?

What you can earn renting baby gear depends on numerous factors. To get a sense of the potential in your area, ask yourself a few questions.

  • Do you live near popular family-friendly attractions?
  • Are you within driving range of a city?
  • How does seasonality affect tourism in your community?
  • Is there a large grandparent community in your area?
  • Are you near the beach, mountains, national parks or lakes where families vacation?
  • How excellent are your networking skills?

Pros of working for BabyQuip

  • Quickly become an entrepreneur with customers, inventory, and orders.
  • Design a flexible and rewarding business that works around your family’s schedule.
  • Make better-than-average gig economy money.
  • Enjoy the benefits of training, insurance, and customized marketing material.
  • No need to master online advertising, as BabyQuip drives online traffic to your Website.

Cons of working for BabyQuip

  • Renting your goods always means you have to deal with damage and wear because you will need to maintain your equipment in good condition.
  • You may need to update your equipment based on changing trends and the needs of your clients.

How do I sign up to work for BabyQuip?

Learn more by signing up online, watching a short video, and then schedule an interview!

What is the website for BabyQuip?

BabyQuip app

No app


The opportunity to make good money while doing fun, flexible work, and also helping others checks a lot of boxes for entrepreneurs interested in launching a business. This is one reason why BabyQuip is growing quickly and starting new rental entrepreneurs on the platform every day.

For parents who already have a lot of this equipment, this is a nice way to get repaid for your “investment” in junior. But, if you have to buy everything, your profit margins may be slim.

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