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Backstage Review

Compensation :  $100-$200/day 
Category : Casting
Skills Needed : Auditioning, Casting
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is Backstage?

In late 1960, two friends who had worked together at a trade publication launched a publication of their own. At the time, it was called Back Stage and had the subhead, A New Complete Service Weekly for the Entertainment Industry.

Today, Backstage has more than 700,000 members, making it a powerful resource for anyone involved in the entertainment industry. Backstage has relationships with SAG-AFTRA, NBC, Actors’ Equity, HBO, Nickelodeon, and Disney, and more than 160,000 creators looking for talent. All of this makes it the perfect gathering place for industry professionals of all types.

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How does Backstage work?

Like its print version, serves as a directory of casting opportunities.

You can never pay a dime and simply check the notices every day. But the most significant benefits come from purchasing a membership, which lets you set up a profile and directly apply to cast opportunities.

To gets started with, go to the website and look through the casting calls. From those listings, you can quickly determine whether there are enough opportunities in your area, fitting your skillset, to merit paying for a membership. If you decide to join, simply click on Join at the top of any page and choose your membership options.

What are the requirements to work for Backstage?

Once you’re signed up, the next step should be to create a profile. If you don’t already have a headshot, it might be worth investing in a photographer who specializes in headshot photography. But you can take a headshot on your own, as long as you know the basic tenets of good headshot photography. Newer smartphone cameras can take relatively high-quality photos that you can use until you have the money to pay a professional.

How much money can you make on Backstage

Once you have a membership, you can sign up for email alerts when new jobs are posted that suit your area of interest. Casting directors and other industry influencers can also message you through the platform, making it more likely someone will reach out if they need more information about you.

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How much money can you make on Backstage?

No actual pay range

Pros of working for Backstage

  • It’s an excellent resource for building your resume
  • This job gives you a lot of freedom to explore the world of journalism.
  • Work in a team makes the task easy and more productive, which results in the massive success of the event.
  • If you’re cast as an extra, be a great extra. The talents that are grateful, professional, punctual, and take direction are the ones that get hired again.

Cons of working for Backstage

  • There is no healthcare or other benefits
  • It is a legit website, but that doesn’t mean every project posted is legit.
  • People who cannot cope with immense pressure should never give a thought to being stage performers.
  • Yes, the days can be very long while you wait in holding to be called. Bring a book, a charger for your phone, and get ready to wait!

How do I sign up to work for Backstage?

If you decide to join, simply click on Join at the top of any page and choose your membership options.

What is the website for Backstage?

Backstage app

You can get all the casting notices and industry news you depend on with the convenience of Backstage’s easy-to-use (and free!) app, currently just for iOS.


Although a casting database isn’t the only tool available to aspiring talent, it’s one of the best resources you’ll find. As important as it is to hone your craft, you’ll need to get out there and audition if you want to get work. A casting database membership ensures that at any time, you can log in and see what’s happening in your area. Chances are, many other performers are checking the listings every day, so it will give you the same advantage they have, especially if you don’t yet have an agent who can apply to those opportunities on your behalf.

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