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Beglammed Review

Compensation :  $50-$155/hr 
Skills Needed : Hair Styling 
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is beGlammed?

beGlammed is the leading on-demand beauty service that delivers professional hairstylists and makeup artists straight to your door. Tap the app to book a personal beauty team and get pampered on-demand in the comfort of your home, office, hotel, or any other location. beGlammed is the go-to mobile hair and makeup provider for everyone, from working professionals, students, and busy mothers to brides, jet setters, and celebrities.

beGlammed was founded in 2014 by Maile Pacheco, a beauty industry veteran, with over ten years of experience working for MAC cosmetics. Frustrated by the inconvenience of having to travel to a salon or retailer to have her hair and makeup done, Pacheco created an on-demand platform to connect clients with professional stylists through an easy booking process, and beGlammed was born.

How does beGlammed work?

For people who are concerned about inviting virtual strangers into their homes, beGlammed ensures that its makeup artists and hairstylists have all undergone background checks. Users can browse an online “Stylebook” for inspiration when deciding how they’d like their hair or makeup to look, then select a specific service, and enter the time, location, and payment method. Appointments take one hour or less. beGlammed gives users the ability to request their favorite professionals when booking a service. Pricing starts at $75 for makeup and $60 for hair. Available in: Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, and Orange County.

What are the requirements to work for beGlammed?

You must be:

  • Personable and friendly
  • Reliable and punctual
  • Great with time management
  • Personal image is groomed and professional
  • Committed to providing excellent customer service to clients
  • You must own a professional kit containing luxury and professional-grade products and tools.

How do you earn money on beGlammed

beGlammed connects customers needing cosmetology services for special occasions with the cosmetologists willing to do the job

How much money can you make on beGlammed?

beGlammed connects customers needing cosmetology services for special occasions with the cosmetologists willing to do the job. Customer rates range from $50 to $155 per hour (for bridal makeup with lashes), and stylists keep 60% of what they earn, plus the bulk of the tip.

Pros of working for beGlammed

  • This is a significant push for many emerging makeup artists. If you’re stuck in a tedious job, or you just aren’t interested in your current field, you should be looking to pursue a career you’re passionate about.
  • We all know how important practice is when it comes to learning professional makeup artistry. Without it, you’re just packing products on your client’s face and hoping for the best!
  • For the girl with a busy schedule, quitting your day job will free up so much of your time!

Cons of working for beGlammed

  • If you’re interested in becoming a freelance makeup artist or running your own salon, it can take months to build up a client base and start turning a profit.
  • Jobs exist to give us a chance to earn money and live a comfortable life. Even though you technically won’t be unemployed as you start your makeup jobs, you’ll still face some challenges that you would otherwise forget about.
  • On the flip side, a full-time job gives you a stable work schedule day-by-day. Working as a makeup artist can provide you hours in the evenings, weekends, and at random times during the day.

How do I sign up to work for beGlammed?

To start, you’ll need to download the beGlammed mobile app. Adder will prompt you to sign in. Since you’re new, you’ll need to tap on “Create Account.”

What is the website for beGlammed?

beGlammed app

beGlammed mobile application is available for both iOS and Android.


Before you start building your freelance makeup business, you must understand that new makeup artists are popping up on the scene all the time. To stand out, you have to show that you are qualified and passionate about what you do.

The site’s commission is also substantial. And if you cancel any appointments within seven days of the appointment date, you get fined $25 or the amount that your commission would have been for the appointment.

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