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Bluecrew Review

Compensation :  $16-$19/hr 
Skills Needed : Staffing 
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is BlueCrew?

Founded by three Stanford University students, BlueCrew is an on-demand temporary staffing online platform designed to “disrupt old-fashioned, traditional temp agencies.” The organization says it aims to provide a curated workforce to primarily fill service jobs, such as packers, warehouse work, moving and delivery, produce picking, janitorial, and event staffing.

How does BlueCrew work?

To become a team member at BlueCrew, you need to download and install the BlueCrew app and then fill all info required of you (profile and résumé) on the company’s website. Your application is then checked adequately by the BlueCrew support panel to see if your expertise and skill set matches jobs the company has available. If the application is accepted, you must then attend a 1-hour orientation to be briefed on how the company works and what’s expected from you as a BlueCrew team member. Once you have participated in the direction, passed a background check, and been entered into the company’s payroll system, you are free to begin collecting jobs. BlueCrew members are hired as employees of the company and therefore governed by laws regarding non-discrimination, wages, and hours worked.

What are the requirements to work for BlueCrew?

BlueCrew requires completion of résumé and profile and other information required of you. After review by a company support panel “recruiters” to ensure your details match the company’s open positions, potential team members must also attend an orientation.

How do you earn money on BlueCrew?

BlueCrew jobs are sent to your phone through push notification and, if you wish to accept responsibility, you respond via the app. The tasks you receive are based on your skillset and your area (location).

How much money can you make on BlueCrew?

BlueCrew pay rate varies depending on the job, and, because most of BlueCrew jobs are general labor positions, the pay scales are usually minimum wage or higher. For tasks that go over eight hours, the company also pays overtime.

Pros of working for BlueCrew

  • BlueCrew offers its team members ready access to blue-collar jobs, without the bother of coming to the agency every day and waiting for a job.
  • The app dispatches job notices based on location; the skill sets one input during the applying process.
  • Workers are quick to reject the job they do not like as possible. In a tight job market and the recording of flex-oriented economy, workers can be selective and choose the functions of the job they want, and when and where they desire.
  • Bluecrew provides a sustainable on-demand job model that puts workers first, offering health insurance, sick pay, and longer-term engagements.

Cons of working for BlueCrew

  • Further, with a small sample of generally favorable reviews, some complaints cite the lack of job notification, employment bug-ridden, and the problem of getting paid through the payroll system.
  • Others have noted that, even though they take a job that is shown as available, the time wasted while waiting for confirmation can be exasperating.
  • BlueCrew is only available in San Francisco, Reno, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and West Coast.

How do I sign up to work for BlueCrew?

If you’re interested in working with BlueCrew and think you’re ready to apply, fill out the sign-up form on their website.

What is the website for BlueCrew?

Does BlueCrew have an app?

BlueCrew mobile apps are available for both iOS and Android.


When you put it all together, does offer its team members easy access to blue-collar jobs, without the hassle of reporting to a temp agency every day and waiting for directions. Although it prioritizes location and frequency, BlueCrew does offer its customers easy access to workers for temporary jobs.

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