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Bookscouter Review

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What is BookScouter? is the world’s most enormous textbook, buyback price comparison tool. It helps you get rid of your old textbooks. The BookScouter app connects you to various book repurchase vendors that buy used textbooks online. It offers the best price recommendations by comparing textbook buyback prices from different book buyback companies. This app guarantees that you receive the best prices for your textbooks.

How does BookScouter work?

Install the BookScouter app on your smartphone and scan the barcodes of old textbooks you no longer need to see payouts comparisons of various buyback companies that buy textbooks, cookbooks, coffee table books and other similar types of books. When you scan the book barcode using the app, the app sends the ISBN (international standard book number) of the book to the sites of each of these companies.

An ISBN is a 10 or 13 digit number, usually located above or below a barcode that generally appears on the back cover of a book. Still, occasionally, it appears on the front page of a book or the publication information page. Most of the books that have been published since the early 1970s have an ISBN.

What are the requirements to sell on BookScouter?

  • Sign up on
  • Always keep books in new or almost new condition. BookScouter will reject your books if they are not in good shape
  • It is still good to first check vendor ratings before accepting the offer
  • This website only uses ISBN to verify book vendors, so if your book doesn’t have an ISBN, then this site might not be useful

How do you earn money on BookScouter?

BookScouter offers only one way to earn money, and that is by selling some of the textbooks you are no longer using that are still in almost new condition.

They don’t buy the book from you but connects you to different vendors who want to purchase the books you are selling.

How much money can you make on BookScouter?

The amount of money you make here will depend on the types and number of textbooks you are selling.

Pros of selling on BookScouter

  • BookScouter makes it easy for you to sell your used textbooks that are still in perfect condition.
  • Another thing we like about BookScouter is that it offers several opportunities to earn money on the site, through its affiliate program and its representative campus program.
  • We also like that it’s easy and free to be a member of

Cons of selling on BookScouter

  • We didn’t like that on BookScouter; you can only sell books that have ISBNs.
  • Another thing we didn’t like about BookScouter is that you are on your own when it comes to vendor guidelines on the book they are looking to buy.

How do I sign up to sell on BookScouter?

You can sign up for BookScouter here.

What is the website for BookScouter?

Does BookScouter have an app?

BookScouter has apps for iOS and Android.


You can check this opportunity out if you have a large number of used textbooks that are still in new or near new condition and that have an ISBN.

If the books you have do not meet any of these criteria, the website will be useless to you. But if your books meet these criteria, then this site could be an excellent opportunity to earn extra money and get rid of your unwanted textbooks.

Just know that BookScouter won’t make you rich or allow you to quit your job, but it could be an excellent way a little money on the side.

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