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Brand Ambassador App Review

Compensation : -
Skills Needed : Advertising, Marketing
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is Brand Ambassador?

Brand Ambassador is an app for iPhone & Android, also available on PC, which allows you to connect and collaborate with different brands. You are given a different task by brands that you are expected to complete in exchange for points that hopefully could be converted to real cash.
The missions range from simple bounty tasks like follow/comment on social media to sponsored posts, content creation, etc.

How does Brand Ambassador work?

Brand Ambassador is the App that provides companies and brands with an efficient Ambassador Platform, allowing them to communicate better, manage, and motivate their Brand Ambassadors. This platform enables brands to set their own benchmarks when rewarding their Ambassadors to encourage activity ranging from content creation, shoutouts, and shares to practical hashtag usage.

For the Ambassador, this is the platform to generate and maintain relationships with the brands that you love. It grants Ambassadors with a direct communication link with the brand for direction, bench-marking, and recognition of their efforts. All this wrapped in a secure and intuitive experience for the user that rewards every step along your journey. Put in short, this platform allows you to empower yourself as a Brand Ambassador.

What are the requirements to work for Brand Ambassador?

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or related field.
  • Prior experience in a customer service environment.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Friendly, approachable, and outgoing personality.
  • Working knowledge of social media platforms and tools.
  • Adaptable with the ability to prioritize tasks.
  • Ability to travel.

How do you earn money on Brand Ambassador

After you’ve got your profile set up, you can scroll through the job listings. partners with several companies right now that range from cocktail companies to health foods to granola.

How much money can you make on Brand Ambassador?


Pros of working for Brand Ambassador

  • There’s nothing worse than filling out job or internship applications and feeling like you’re under-qualified because you lack the necessary experience. However, previous experience is typically not required to become a brand ambassador.
  • Being a brand ambassador is a great way to make some extra money in addition to any other part-time jobs or internships you might have.
  • The whole process of getting work was super easy.

Cons of working for Brand Ambassador

  • To get a lot of work, you need to work with a lot of companies.
  • Holidays tend to be busy, which can be annoying if you are the type that prefers to be around family during those times.

How do I sign up to work for Brand Ambassador?

The way it works is pretty simple: to apply to be a Brand Ambassador, first sign up for a Brand Ambassador account using this link:, and if accepted, you can start completing missions that will earn you the good stuff: vouchers, free products, and even cash!

What is the website for Brand Ambassador?

Brand Ambassador app

Brand Ambassador is available for both the iPhone and Android Phones


The significant part about becoming a brand ambassador is there’s no risk involved: you can try this as a “side hustle” while maintaining a full-time job and see where it goes. The new world of social media and PR has really opened up opportunities for anyone who wants to build an audience and hone their networking and business savvy skills.

Becoming a brand ambassador is a great way to learn more about business, and can be a great starting off point into a long term career in the field of marketing!

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