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Convertkit Review

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What is ConvertKit?

Meet ConvertKit. Barely 5 years old, but well into the 20,000 active users’ zone, and already generating over $1 million a month.

The driving force behind ConvertKit is none other than Nathan Barry. He’s a designer and a marketer. Most importantly, however, he’s also a blogger.

So, he embarked on a journey to develop an email service provider that would be optimized for bloggers, podcasters, and similar setups seeking to expand their audience bases.

How does ConvertKit work?

ConvertKit is a relatively new email autoresponder service that caters specifically to bloggers, authors, and information marketers. If you’re a blogger, then ConvertKit is specially designed so you can add subscribers to your list from your blog in a way that molds to your audience, and your own blog design.

If you’re looking for the traditional email marketing tools, ConvertKit has got you covered. You can build beautiful landing pages, automated email sequences, deploy emails using a simple visual editor, and ConvertKit even hosts your landing pages for you.

What are the requirements to work for ConvertKit?


How do you earn money on ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is a blogger’s dream come true. Turn all of your blog posts into unique lead generation machines with unusual forms and incentives on each post. If you want your blog to sell more books, and generate more leads, ConvertKit might be the ideal solution.

How much money can you make on ConvertKit?


Pros of working for ConvertKit

  • ConvertKit provides you with email templates for opt-in forms and landing pages. Plus, they’re customizable.
  • You can group your contacts together to tailor communications to each list. If you want to sort your leads based on specific criteria, you can.
  • If you want to see if subscribers opened that mass email, you sent out, and you can do that too.
  • ConvertKit gives you the option to reconnect with readers who didn’t open the email.
  • ConvertKit integrates with many popular third-party applications, including LeadPages, ClickFunnels, SamCart, and Shopify.

Cons of working for ConvertKit

  • If you don’t know anything about HTML, that could be a problem with ConvertKit.
  • If you don’t know much coding, that’s okay, but an excellent coding foundation would help.
  • Pricing can also be an issue for some subscribers, although they do offer a free trial.
  • They don’t feature a drag and drop function for all program aspects. For beginners, this can make software use harder to figure out.

How do I sign up to work for ConvertKit?

Signing up for ConvertKit is very easy. The one downside is that ConvertKit doesn’t grant a free preview of their service, so a credit card is required to join, and you will be charged immediately upon entering.

What is the website for ConvertKit?

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ConvertKit app

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Well, it seems ConvertKit was indeed built for bloggers, podcasters, and small enterprises seeking to grow their audience base, and ultimately convert the subscribers into customers.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much it. Although they would be impressed by ConvertKit’s overall simplicity, high-level marketers would feel very restricted on this platform. Only advanced email marketing solutions come with just the right amount of flexibility and provisions for extensive targeting, marketing, plus consequent conversion.

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