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Cool Works Review

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What is Cool Works?

Cool Works is a job listing site for those looking for summer, volunteer, and seasonal jobs. Founded in 1995, Cool Works has a home office located outside the entrance to the Yellow National Park. It is managed by a team of 7 people located in different places. Since the year of its creation, it has been providing jobs to people in different fields, including volunteer jobs, for those who want to make a difference.

How does Cool Works work? is like a job board that allows employers to advertise their seasonal employment opportunities. Potential employers can place their job opportunities at Cool Works, and no matter where they are, anyone can check these out if they are lured in this type of job opening.

Cool Works are leaders in connecting employers with potential candidates for their seasonal positions. The platform on which they present this information makes it much more appealing regarding the job offer and more convenient for job seekers to delve into the areas that interest them.

What are the requirements to work for Cool Works?

It varies by job, but most jobs involve physical activity – these include camping jobs, conservation corp jobs, driving jobs, environmental jobs, jobs on the water, national park jobs, and many more.

However, some may require previous skills, education, or training.

How do you earn money on Cool Works?

Some job listings provide contact information for the available position, as well as for instructions on how to apply. Other links on the site take you directly to the employer recruitment page.

How much money can you make on Cool Works?

Varies, but generally close to the minimum wage

Pros of working for Cool Works

  • If you can take a seasonal job, there is always a way to turn it around as a learning experience and talk about the skills you developed during that time.
  • In relation to gaps in your CV, seasonal work can provide you with extra references and illustrate some new skills that you’ve developed.
  • CoolWorks has filtering options that sort jobs by specific state or national parks, or even an option to see locations looking for immediate hire.
  • One final quality of seasonal jobs is it allows you to test-drive a job with no real strings attached.

Cons of working for Cool Works

  • Because most seasonal jobs do not require much prior knowledge or specialized training, they also tend to be low-paying jobs.
  • Seasonal holiday retail assistance, as well as tourism-based jobs, tends to be more substantial in the evenings and weekends. That means if you’re already working full time, you’re giving up a lot of the free time you did have.

How do I sign up to work for Cool Works?

You can apply at any time on their website. It’s a quick and easy application process.

What is the website for Cool Works?

Does Cool Works have an app?

The Cool Works app is available for the iOS App Store or Android Play.


As the name implies, Cool Works of meets the needs of those who look beyond traditional jobs. If you love the outdoors and are looking for a new field to use your skills, then Cool Works may be right for you. Just be sure to read the description of each listing before hitting the ‘Apply Now’ button.

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