Copywriter Today Review | How to make money on Copywriter Today

Copywriter Today Review

Compensation :  $300-$800/week 
Skills Needed : Reading and Writing
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is Copywriter Today?

Copywriter Today is a content creation platform based in Cleveland, Ohio. The company was founded in 2014 and aimed to provide small businesses and bloggers with high quality written content on an ongoing basis.

The Copywriter, a today team, has grown to more than a dozen writers, all native English speakers, and all based in the United States. Their “claim to fame” is their “unlimited” writing service, which founder Gabe Arnold explained is modeled after the WP Curve business (unlimited WordPress tweaks for $69 a month).

How does Copywriter Today work?

Copywriter Today provides clients with the following article word count, and they want you to try to complete the article within the assigned period, even when research is required.

  • 400 words: complete in 30 minutes or less (must be returned in 1 business day)
  • 800 words: finished in 60 minutes or less (must be returned in 2 business days)
  • 1500 words: finished in 90 minutes or less (must be returned in 3 business days)
  • Social media posts: finished in 30 minutes or less (your manager will assign the due date)

They understand that sometimes it may take longer than specific completion times. But Copywriter Today wants you to aim for these times when completing assignments. (You will want to seek these times to earn as much money as possible.)

Your production manager will inform you exactly when your work should due back. Generally, work is expected within 24-48 hours of receiving an assignment notice by email in the project management portal. They ask you to watch your email all day to respond quickly to tasks.

What are the requirements to list for Copywriter Today?

  • You bust be based in the US to be a Copywriter Today writer.
  • Also, you must have reliable and stable Internet service from Monday to Friday during regular business hours.
  • Familiarity with AP-style writing will be a bonus.

How do you earn money on Copywriter Today?

If you are interested in writing about interesting things and making up to $800 per week, Copywriter, Today wants you to apply. You are expected to check your email throughout the day so that you can respond quickly to your tasks.

How much money can you make with Copywriter Today?

Copywriter Today, writers earn between $300 to $800 per week.

Pros of working for Copywriter Today

  • Plenty of work. Companies, organizations, small companies – everyone needs the written word.
  • Businesses hire writers for their creative departments, making copywriting a full-time job with benefits for many.
  • A clear advantage of becoming a copywriter is that it is an achievable goal for anyone who works hard enough.
  • Since most copywriters are freelance, you will have more freedom and flexibility than most people.

Cons of working for Copywriter Today

  • You may have to write for brands and projects you are not passionate about
  • You have to work A LOT. This means stress and late nights to complete the deadlines.

How do I sign up to work for Copywriter Today?

Go to to sign up. The registration process is quick and easy.

What is the website for Copywriter Today?

Does Copywriter Today have an app?

There are no apps available.


It takes a lot to become a writer at Copywriter Today.

The written assessment takes an hour or so to get it right. And while you have the copyright of the final product, the last piece is probably worthless outside of this specific application. So as a writer, you spend time developing content with little or no value in hopes of being accepted by a website that doesn’t offer a lot of paying writing gigs—the wasted time spent applying all too familiar to us.

With this in mind, we would not recommend this site to new writers. However, we tepidly recommend this site to more experienced writers.

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