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Course Hero Review

Compensation :  $12-20/hr 
Skills Needed : Teaching
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is Course Hero?

Course Hero is an online learning platform for students. On the Course Hero site, students can access more than 25 million course-specific study resources provided by a community of students and educators.

This includes practice problems, study guides, videos, class notes, and step-by-step explanations for all subjects, from economics to literature, biology to history, accounting to psychology, and everything in between.

How does Course Hero work?

Unlike traditional online tutors, Course Hero offers students help on-demand 24 hours a day 24/7 help with their schooling. This means that there are opportunities to earn every day of the week, at any time.

Hero Course tutors answer questions from students who need help with their courses work. Answers can be as easy as a 5-minute explanation or may require an in-depth lesson.

What are the requirements to work for Course Hero?

You don’t have to be a certified tutor or professor with Course Hero.

However, you must demonstrate that you have experience in the categories you would like to tutor.

Also, you must:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree to teach with Course Hero
  • Speak English fluently.
  • Be based in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

How do you earn money on Course Hero?

1. When you are available to answer questions, you do so on the Course Hero website.

2. You get paid to answer questions.

How much money can you make on Course Hero?

Considering you can earn between $12 and $20 an hour, working as a Course Hero tutor is an excellent opportunity to make the most of your time. Course Hero tutors average $300 per week, and the top tutors earn around $500 per week.

Pros of working for Course Hero

  • Online tutoring for Course Hero is a great way to earn extra money for vacations, Renos, or paying off debt.
  • With Course Hero, you can work as many hours as you like, making it an excellent job for moms who stay home and need extra money.
  • Put your degree to work, sharing your passion with students.

Cons of working for Course Hero

  • Payment is low for many of the questions students have. There is a flat fee for all questions that do not work well for those that are long or very detailed.
  • Course Hero requires the internet for one to have access to the information if this system can be developed so that it can be independent where it can be standalone, even without the internet, it could be better.

How do I sign up to work for Course Hero?

  • Go to the Tutoring section of their website
  • Create a username and password. Under the educational institute, you can put your Alma Mater.

What is the website for Course Hero?

Does Course Hero have an app?

The Course Hero mobile app is available to help students get answers and better understand their course work, 24/7. Download Course Hero for Android or iPhone


To earn the most, you should not only provide valuable information but also answer as many questions as your schedule allows. Still, this is a very flexible side job and an online job that will enable you to earn extra money from home.

Overall, Course Hero seems like the type of job where your experience will depend heavily on your expectations going in. If you are looking to earn a living as an online tutor, this job may not be right for you. If you want a side gig where you log in occasionally and answer questions for extra money, it might be the perfect option.

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