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Createspace Review

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What is CreateSpace?

CreateSpace is an online publishing company for Amazon. The company was created in 2007 after it had acquired two other companies, CustomFlix Labs, and Booksurge. The company CustomFlix Labs was established in 2002 to help independent filmmakers distribute their films using the on-demand DVD production platform. The company Booksurge was opened in 2000 by a group of authors to help writers self-publish their own books. In 2005 Amazon acquired both companies and decided that they should be merged into one in 2007. That was when Amazon changed the name to CreateSpace. The company is for DVDs, books, and music artists who want to self-publish their work. The company offers an on-demand publishing service to help you out.

How does CreateSpace work?

Firstly, like Kindle and Ingram Spark, there are no set-up fees. It is similar to publishing your eBook on Kindle, but CreateSpace offers you more tools to see how your book will look in the finished product.

If you’re rushed for time or can’t be bothered to work out this yourself or if you’re not too web-savvy, you can choose to get a professional book design and formatting consultant to do this for you, but many thousands of self-published authors go the do-it-yourself route.

There are different cover options for different authors, depending on your budget and what you aim to do with the book. Romance and crime books do well on Kindle, and people expect those books are lower in price. You can also sell your book anywhere (through CreateSpace, you can automatically sell across Amazon stores, or you can print author copies and sell them directly to book shops yourself.

You can choose the list price of your book, so choose the price wisely because if you get more sales, you will automatically be getting more money.

What are the requirements to work for CreateSpace?

CreateSpace says, “An ISBN (number) is required to publish and distribute a book.” They offer four options. One is free.

How do you earn money on CreateSpace?

The company only offers to sell your books on, Amazon Canada, and Amazon Europe. You will miss a large market, and they don’t offer to sell the book anywhere else. Therefore, you’ll be limited to how many books you can sell online through Amazon.

How much money can you make on CreateSpace?


Pros of working for CreateSpace

  • Receive higher royalties. You’ll make about 20% more on books sold through eStore vs. the store.
  • Ability to offer discounts. Dollars off or a percentage off.
  • Ability to control the shopping experience. Your shoppers are not distracted by competing for book offers. To this last point, you don’t even have to sell your book on Simply de-select from the list of distribution options.
  • Password protection for your store. This comes in handy if you offer your book at a discount in the eStore relative to the main store.

Cons of working for CreateSpace

  • Purchasers must register in order to buy. This is no different than any other online store, but regular Amazon shoppers may find it inconvenient. Further, to the extent they are a member of Amazon Prime, they won’t receive free shipping, which makes the purchase more expensive.
  • You do not get the contact information for the person buying your book. Granted, you don’t get this information from any other bookstore, but if you were thinking of using eStore instead of setting up your own online store, it’s something to be aware of.
  • You cannot offer quantity discounts. i.e., you cannot define a package—say ten books—and offer them for a flat price.

How do I sign up to work for CreateSpace?

Signing up with CreateSpace is easy. Go to their website and open an account. You’ll receive a member ID number and dashboard. Your dashboard will look something like this, minus my blacked-out information.

What is the website for CreateSpace?

CreateSpace app

No available app


CreateSpace allows young and experienced authors alike to be self-published without the confusion and mess that can be entwined with submitting your work to a traditional house. Although some of the fees you may be subjected to may seem high, such as using expanded distribution, keep in mind that you are submitting your work without needing to put in a single dime of your own money. The system is easy to use and maybe a profitable way to see your name in print.

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