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Cuddle Comfort Review

Compensation :  $65/hr 
Category : Networking
Skills Needed : Cuddling
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is Cuddle Comfort?

Founded in 2011, Cuddle Comfort is one of the largest online snuggler sites worldwide. It is not an escort service or a dating website. Physical contact between friends and Cuddle Comfort members is not permitted and is intended for Platonic company only.

While the idea of meeting someone online who pay per minute for their company. It seems incredibly sleazy at worst or merely awkward at best. Almost all the professional friends we interviewed by phone said their experiences were wholly wholesome, completely comfortable, and sometimes even a bit fun.

How does Cuddle Comfort work?

Cuddle Comfort offers well-paid “snuggle” work for the snugger. The idea, pressed by a handful of psychologists, is that touch can alleviate loneliness, depression, and other ailments. But not everyone is in a position to receive this warmth. Therefore, you can buy it for $80 an hour, half of which will go to; the other half will go to the snuggler.

The site requires clients to sign a contract that acknowledges that there should be no sexual contact; no removal of clothing; no touching of private areas. Snugglers can leave without penalty if the rules are violated or if they feel unsafe.

What are the requirements to sign up to work for Cuddle Comfort?

Be over 18 years old and accept all races, sexual orientations, etc.

How do you earn money on Cuddle Comfort?

Cuddle Comfort connects you with lonely clients who need a hug, without sexual contact or intention.

How much money can you make on Cuddle Comfort?

Session prices are based on time and type. They start at $35 for a half-hour or $65 for an hour, $119 for two hours.

Pros of working for Cuddle Comfort

  • This service is terrific, mainly because it is free! Everyone needs some comfort / human touch, so it’s good that there is a place like this.
  • It is a very well managed site with good design and engaging forums.
  • An excellent platform to share the healing properties of the Platonic touch! A great way to create new friends, participate in a caring community.
  • There are many forums to socialize with others. Professionals and enthusiasts alike have the opportunity to interact, and are encouraged to discuss in a thread what they like and dislike openly.

Cons of working for Cuddle Comfort

  • Some areas could be improved. One being is why they raised the commission rate from 10% to 15%.
  • The second is the reason there is no way to collect money from people who don’t show up for appointments or cancel at the last minute.
  • Depending on many factors such as location and a well-written profile, it can take time to find a cuddle partner.
  • Women may receive disrespectful or aggressive messages.
  • The site itself is not bad, but it allows the entrance of so many fake and flaky people, which makes the experience a bit daunting.
  • A monthly service fee for male snugglers

How do I sign up to work for Cuddle Comfort?

Like many of these gig economy apps, signing up to be a Cuddle Comfort doesn’t take long. To start hugging Cuddle Comfort, visit their website and click “Start Hugging.”

What is the website for Cuddle Comfort?

Does Cuddle Comfort have an app?

There are no apps available.


Overall, the cuddling comfort community is an exciting and interactive website that gives both parties (snuggler and client) the opportunity to ease the stress of an exhausting day or week through platonic gestures of comfort.

Some cuddlers report that customers take them to dinner or to the movies instead of cuddling. Most states that, on several occasions, customers prefer to spend a significant amount of time only talking. All of these activities will be completed, tolerated, and encouraged, as long as the interactions remain strictly G-rated. Non-sexual companionship is one of the most valuable benefits of the services provided by cuddling companies, and talking is often enough.

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