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Curbflip Review

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Skills Needed : Rent Parking Spaces
Gig Type : On-site gigs, Work from home gigs

What is CurbFlip?

If you stay in a city with inadequate parking space and you have an extra driveway or parking space, why not rent it out to make some extra money?

CurbFlip is like the Airbnb of parking space rentals. It was created by entrepreneur and CTO Rodney Young, who wanted to help homeowners rent out their unused driveways or parking space by matching them with drivers looking for an alternative place to park their vehicles besides expensive lots and elusive spots on the street.

How does CurbFlip work?

If you have a boat slip or an empty parking space, CurbFlip allows you to rent your space out to people to make extra cash. CurbFlip offered in major cities in the United States and other countries. You can rent out your space either “daily, weekly, or monthly,” which means you can have many bookings at a time. CurbFlip also enables you to set your price for your reserved parking space. It is individually helpful if your parking space is near a sports venue or tourist center, as you can adjust pricing when demand increases.

CurbFlip charges a 16% fee for any spaces rented. If you choose to use any method of payment like PayPal, they will also charge you an additional fee of 3%. Kindly keep these relatively steep fees in mind when choosing your price.

What are the requirements to sign up to list on CurbFlip?

Have a parking space to rent and an email address to communicate with potential renters and the site.

How do you earn money on CurbFlip?

CurbFlip helps owners rent out parking spots for not just cars but campers, boats, and bicycles.

How much money can you make on CurbFlip?

How much you can make largely depends on your spot’s location and availability, and how often it is being rented out.

The more hours of the day and more days of the month, your spot is available means you can make more money.

Pros of listing on CurbFlip

  • This is a great business if you do not drive, and even if you do have a car, you can still make a profit from the space when you aren’t using it.
  • Maybe you live close to an accessible venue or stadium? If so, you can sell your space at a premium rate.
  • There is no fee for owners. The renters pay the cost, which is included in the price they see for your spot.
  • You can rent your place out when you are going to be out of town, work, or you can even rent it out weekly or monthly or yearly. The terms are yours to set.
  • You get paid per transaction via direct deposit or Paypal.
  • What’s more, CurbFlip is international, building listings in 14 countries and growing.

Cons of listing on CurbFlip

  • CurbFlip charges 16%, plus an additional fee if you use PayPal to process payments.
  • Renting out your parking space isn’t all plain sailing. There are income tax and insurance issues to be aware of, as well as the need to manage your possible liability.

How do I sign up to list on CurbFlip?

Curbflip lets you both sign up quickly with an email address or through a social network like Facebook.

What is the website for CurbFlip?

Does CurbFlip have an app?

No available app


Using these sites and apps to rent out your parking spot is a great way to make some extra cash with a space that would contrarily go unused.

Sure, not everybody is going to make thousands of dollars a month renting out their garage or driveway, but you can easily make an extra $100 or two, especially if you live in a big city.

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