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Dogvacay Review

Compensation :  $15-$100/day 
Category : Pet Services
Skills Needed : Pet Sitting 
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is DogVacay?

DogVacay is a marketplace that matches dog owners in need of pet-care services such as boarding and walking, with qualified animal caregivers.

DogVacay raised $47M over four years from launch in 2012, and on March 29, 2017, the company was acquired by Rover in an undisclosed amount all-stock deal.

How does DogVacay work?

DogVacay is an online service similar to Rover and Wag!, two brands you might already know.

Pet owners go online to solicit pet sitters — no cold kennels required. Services range from at-home boarding to training and dog walking. It’s kind of like a rent-a-dog program, but you get paid.

“Whether you’re retired, a work-at-home professional, a college student, or just a lifelong pet lover, DogVacay makes it easy to earn money watching pups,” the site states.

As a sitter, you set your pay rate and availability. Can you only take dogs for a walk on the weekend? No problem!

What are the requirements to work for DogVacay?

Be 18 or older, good with animals and have a smartphone to communicate with their owners; other requirements depend on whether you also house sitting

How do you earn money on DogVacay

Set up your online profile to let pet owners know about your services, rates, credentials, property, types of dogs, and your schedule. Include photos to help paint a picture of why you are the perfect pet sitter.

How much money can you make on DogVacay?

Pet sitters usually charge between $15 and $100 per day for boarding, plus they may charge for additional services like walking, training, bathing, grooming, pick-ups, drop-offs, or daycare. In exchange for the infrastructure and superb matchmaker abilities, DogVacay takes a 15% to 20% commission for every transaction.

Pros of working for DogVacay

  • You can turn your love of animals into a business: If dogs, cats, and other household pets are a passion for you, this is a great way to earn money doing what you love while sharing your expertise with your clients.
  • You can work as much or as little as you want: This can be a side job to earn extra income,
  • The job is a great way to inject plenty of exercise into your daily routine, especially if you’re doing a lot of dog-sitting.
  • No storefront is needed: Your base of operations likely will be your home and the vehicle you use to travel to your clients, and most of your work will be done at your clients’ homes or in the public areas where you take their pets.

Cons of working for DogVacay

  • A higher than average level of physical fitness is a must: The last dog on your schedule isn’t going to care how many miles you’ve already put under your feet that day—nor, for that matter, will the pet owner paying you for your services.
  • So just like an Uber driver might consider the wear and tear on his/her car, you might consider the wear and tear on your home.
  • One more con is dealing with the dog owners. A vast majority of them are great. However, just like anywhere else in life, there are always a few who are a little off.

How do I sign up to work for DogVacay?

To become a pet sitter, or “host,” for DogVacay, sign up online. DogVacay will screen your application. Once you are approved, you will officially be an independent contractor for DogVacay.

What is the website for DogVacay?

DogVacay app

DogVacay app is available for both the iPhone and Android Phones


DogVacay is the perfect, flexible side job where you are mostly running your own pet sitting business, creating your own loyal clientele, and crafting the ideal work-life balance that you’ve always craved. It’s the perfect job for any dog lover.

What could be better than getting paid to give belly rubs, supervise playtime, and provide a safe, comfortable, and cozy home for a fun-loving dog?

Tens of thousands of people are already working as pet sitters in North America – why aren’t you?

You just need to have a policy for handling pet emergencies. Pet emergencies can and do happen, and you should be prepared when they do. Owners will also want assurance that you know how to handle yourself in this area.

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