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DSM Tool review

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What is DSM Tool?

DSM Tool is an innovative All-in-one dropshipping management software, which allows sellers to source products for dropshipping from 50+ suppliers to eBay and Shopify, and brings them the automation of the daily dropshipping tasks, such as finding what to sell, adding products to a store, optimizing the listings,syncing their stock together with price, and processing the orders.

The company was founded in 2016 by the experienced eBay sellers and businessmen Kfir Shapira, the current CEO,and Ofer Shapira. Nowadays it counts with more than 175k users whom the software has already helped to make over $100 m in sales.

How does DSM Tool work?

Once you created the account on DSM Tool and connected your selling account on eBay or Shopify, you can get started with listing the items via DSM Tool right to your store. In doing so, this monitor software will make all the copy-paste work for you, including moving the product main photos, titles, item description and specifications, within a few seconds and offering you smart listing, photos and template optimizations. When the product would be published, this software would monitor its stock and price changes on the source and apply them to your store automatically.

Besides, it offers the possibility to automate the orders fulfillment, items restocking, their description rewriting and your communication with the buyers in addition to many other features for your successful dropshipping store.

Using the software alone is not enough, you have to learn the dropshipping business workflow. For example, there is are a lot of best-practices on how to work when you dropship on eBay from aliexpress and the DSM Tool software comes with these guides included.

What are the requirements to work for DSM Tool?

You need to create an account on DSM Tool and connect it with your selling account on eBay or Shopify.

How do you earn money on DSM Tool?

You earn money by dropshipping on eBay and Shopify. DSM Tool helps the eBay or Shopify sellers earn and save money by automating their dropshipping daily tasks.

How much money can you make on DSM Tool?

It all depends on how you sell on eBay and Shopify and your selling strategies. You can make from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars, in accordance with your store and listing type.

Generally, DSM Tool helps in automating the listing and selling process.

Pros of using DSM Tool?

  • It saves time by handling your daily tasks (creating and optimizing for eBay SEO your listings, hourly scanning and updating the items, fully or semi-automatically fulfilling the orders, restocking the items, tracking the changes for these products and applying them to your listings respectively).
  • It saves money by allowing you not to hide other professionals who would do the same tasks that DSM Tool can do for you.
  • The most important features are available for free and the paid features are affordable.
  • It supports 50+ suppliers for listing in your store, involving the sources with re-selling agreements.
  • You can work on 7 ebay marketplaces (.com, .es, .it., .fr., .de., .ca., .au) and Shopify with it.
  • You can use multiple accounts under one plan and connect your Virtual assistants to it with limitation of their access.
  • It brings the special features for your listing title, photo (logo, collage), template (design) optimization.
  • It supports the variations, bulk and scheduling listing.
  • It includes free eBay Vero protection for all monitored and new listings.
  • It offers extra packages for Amazon tracking converting, text rewriting and auto ordering.
  • 24 hours customer support and an active Facebook community will be there for you.
  • You can earn extra money just with their affiliate program.

Cons of using DSM Tool?

  • Though it´s automated dropshipping software, the users anyway need to make some actions by themselves, for example finding the products and clicking on the List button.
  • As for any technical software, the technical issue seldomly can pop up.

How do I sign up to work for DSM Tool?

The signup process for the free plan is very straightforward – you need to provide your first and second names, email and password, and that’s it. No credit card data is required.

After that, the onboarding process is pretty easy. The chat support will provide you with the first steps, free dropshipping course and guidance, if you will request it.

What is the website for DSM Tool?


DSM Tool app

DSM Tool doesn´t have an app yet.


If you are an experienced seller on eBay or Shopify or you want to start a dropshipping business, you need this software to automate your stock/price control and grow your business.

After all, you can give it a try with their free plan or get one trial week of their paid plan to test all DSM Tool features.

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