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Eatwith Review

Compensation :  $25-$100/meal 
Skills Needed : Cooking 
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is EatWith?

Nothing makes traveling to a new region better than fully engaging yourself in the culture and, of course, at least with us here at Huslbusl, eating as the locals do. Fortunately, the Airbnb-equivalent dining room,, allows just that. Now that it is extending it’s in New York City, hosts from all over Manhattan willing to open their homes to foreign and domestic travelers, will be paid for it. The company’s goal is to give people a chance to sample foods they may not find in excellent restaurants in a country or city, all while having a unique experience in someone else’s home.

How does EatWith work?

Millennials do everything socially, from ride-sharing with apps like Uber and Lyft, to sharing at home with apps like Airbnb and Couchsurfing. Why not meal-sharing?

Rather than booking a regular restaurant reservation or wandering through the farmers market, Eatwith pairs foodies with local hosts eager to showcase the new and unique food culture in their city. Users can visit the or download their app for Android or iOS, sign, and pay with a credit card to attend cooking classes, dinners, or food tours. Now operating in 200 cities in 50 countries worldwide, EatWith is highly selective with green lighting host applications.

What are the requirements to work for EatWith?

  • A food handler license;
  • a clean kitchen;
  • a dining area that can comfortably accommodate guests;
  • be willing to undergo personal or virtual inspections

How do you earn money on EatWith?

With EatWith, the hosts do not share their room for a certain amount of night. They only share their living room and culinary skills to create a unique social experience. Here, the guests get to know each other while eating a home-cooked meal.

How much money can you make on EatWith?

Meals can range from $25 for something made by amateur cooks to $100 for dinner prepared by professional chefs. Eatwith increases the indicated price by 20% to receive its fee. So if you list a dinner for $100, Eatwith will charge users $120.

Pros of working for EatWith

  • can be a fun way to introduce visitors to local cuisines.
  • It can be a way to boost your profile as a promising cook in a tight market.
  • Hosting allows you to share your home with new and exciting people; show off your culinary experience while preparing your favorite dishes, and complement your income.
  • The EatWith warranty protects hosts. It means that the hosts are covered for a value of $ 1,000,000 in case an incident occurs at the event.
  • You can accept or reject guests once they have responded to your offer. To get an idea of what a person is like, you can search online usage profiles and read what other hosts and guests have said about potential diners.

Cons of working for EatWith

  • You will need a warm and cozy space and a functional kitchen if you want to organize private events for dinner or cooking classes,
  • You must master your ability to host and cook a meal at the same time.
  • Call me crazy, but the thought of strangers popping up on my doorstep for dinner is a bit troubling. However, don’t let this put you off: EatWith has you covered.

How do I sign up to work for EatWith?

If you are interested in creating an Eatwith event, instead of just attending one, you should visit their official site and register. You’ll need to enter the necessary contact information first and then create a host profile to help sell your event.

What is the website for EatWith?

Does EatWith have an app?

You can download the application for Android or iOS.


If you’re passionate about food, has created a way to enter the world of professional cooking without opening a restaurant or working in a professional kitchen. You can control what is served and how you prepare your dining experience for paying customers, all from your own home.

Make sure your price includes your markup and any tips you hope to receive. And, if this is a new territory for you, remember that the time to prepare food is only half. You need to account for your time to set the table and clean up, too. The site expects the price to be all-inclusive.

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