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ecoATM Review

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What is ecoATM?

ecoATM is an E-waste recycling company / instant cash kiosk of sorts. Their machines will instantly evaluate your devices, mostly phones, and tablets, and then disperse cash. The entire transaction is completed in-store, without the need to interact with a human, and you can get the money in a few minutes.

ecoATM was founded in 2008 and headquartered in San Diego, California. As we write this, they have repurchased over 25 million devices!

How does ecoATM work?

When it comes to selling iPhones or other older devices locally, ecoATM is one of the best known, most convenient options out there. With thousands of kiosks across the U.S, a straightforward appraisal process that puts money in your hands quickly, and the noble goal of reducing e-waste, this reverse vending machine is an accessible and understandable choice.

Interest piqued? Head over to to get an estimate. When you’re ready to send your iPhone on its way to a new life, just reset factory settings on your phone, appear in the kiosk, and plug it in to be evaluated. You will get an offer (and cash) immediately.

What are the requirements to sell withecoATM?

  • Phone to sell
  • A valid ID

How do you earn money with ecoATM?

ecoATM will exchange cash for your unwanted devices, including:

  • Mobile phones (including Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxies and cell phones)
  • Tablet devices (including Kindles, Surface, and Galaxy)
  • MP3 players

They have over 4000 different devices that can be accepted for recycling.

How much money can you make with ecoATM?

Prices range from $1 – $300.

Current ecoATM prices listed on their website, where there is a rough estimate calculator, which states that in October 2019, the price of the iPhone 4s can reach $2, the iPhone 5s up to $10, and the Galaxy S4 reaches $10.

Pros of selling withecoATM

  • ecoATM pay you instantly, so it is the fastest way to get money for your used phone.
  • If your phone does not turn on, ecoATM can still come up with a little cash for your scrap metal.
  • If you are concerned about who can access your photos and messages, ecoATM vows to wipe your data for you as part of the process.
  • ecoATM protect the Earth and can help you pocket some cash all at once

Cons of selling withecoATM

  • When selling to ecoATM, you must travel to the kiosk.
  • You trade convenience for over 50% less money in your pocket.
  • In an eco-ATM, you need a valid ID and fingerprint to make the transaction. It’s for the concerns in the law enforcement section of their website and for taking pictures of facial features for each user.

What is the website for ecoATM?

Does ecoATM have an app?

The ecoATM app is available for both iOS and Android.


This is a smart way for everyone to recycle their old electronic devices because few people do that. According to The Environmental Protection Agency, only 20% of old mobile phones will be recycled. A shocking number gave an alternative to what happens to those old phones and other devices, such as tablets and MP3 players.

Either they sit in a drawer, as the value decreases with each passing year, and you lose the amount of money you could have recovered.

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