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ExploreTalent Review

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Category : Casting, Recruitment
Skills Needed : Acting , Crew, Modelling and Dancing, Theatre and Musical
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is ExploreTalent?

ExploreTalent.com is a website that helps people interested in finding talent-based jobs and opportunities, such as modeling, acting, dance and music jobs. The site has a plethora of job openings (over 41,000 at the time of this review) available. There are also a fair amount of industry experts (agents, casting directors, managers) who use the site regularly.

The site is undoubtedly an excellent way for both those looking to find new gigs and those looking to hire to meet each other. The site is straightforward to use, and with over 7 million members, it is definitely one of the largest of its kind.

How does ExploreTalent work?

ExploreTalent’s paid membership allows you placement in the talent gallery and access a list of events and casting opportunities. The platform also pays for the administrative support necessary to help members find work.

ExploreTalent do not “procure, get, gain or retain employment, jobs, bookings, or castings.”

They also claim that they do not guarantee that jobs or income will be generated as a result of purchasing their services. While most talent service companies and even casting agencies won’t guarantee the job either, they try to get castings and bookings for their clients.

What are the requirements to work for ExploreTalent?

Each job seeker will have the ability to include their portfolio. ExploreTalent.com makes it easy to add photos (even headshots for models and actors). You can also upload your videos and even audio clips to show your talent.

How do you earn money on ExploreTalent?

ExploreTalent does everything possible to help actors, models and musicians get jobs and improve their skills. They offer several packages designed to meet most budgets.

One month is $29.95, three months is $ 23.30 per month, six months is $19.98 per month, and a twelve-month plan costs just $16.63 per month. There’s also an option for a 7-day trial (for only $2). This is an excellent place to start and has the highest value for job seekers.

How much money can you make on ExploreTalent?

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Pros of working for ExploreTalent

  • Paid members report that the company offers them job opportunities, and some of these turned out to be a legitimate gig.
  • Another good thing about ExploreTalent is that memberships come with a free seven-day trial, so you can try this out before you start paying.
  • If you don’t have an agent, they can help you through the door when you couldn’t do it yourself.
  • ExploreTalent technology combines the attributes of talent with thousands of auditions and projects, saving members dozens of hours of tedious research.

Cons of working for ExploreTalent

  • Some members have reported difficulties canceling automatic payment once they want out of a membership.
  • Since ExploreTalent doesn’t do the preliminary work, members generally find they have to find a way to contact the casting agent, even when ExploreTalent promises a one-click application process.

How do I sign up to work for ExploreTalent?

Signing up is easy. After completing the required information, you can start viewing the complete casting information free of charge as a free member.

What is the website for ExploreTalent?


Does ExploreTalent have an app?

There are no apps available.


It’s not a scam, but if you’re inexperienced and you’re in the middle of nowhere, it’s not worth a try.

Do you have training? Head shots? Are you in an area with a good amount of work or at least film schools? If the answer to all those questions is yes, then go ahead. If you have a little training or experience, and good headshots, and you’re in an area with a little action, still go ahead.

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