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Feastly Review

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Skills Needed : Food Handling
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is Feastly?

peer-to-peer markets have a pre-lapsarian past, but few companies have made buying services from their friends and neighbors as easy as Airbnb. So, unfortunately, we have to designate a significant new venture called Feastly the, ahem, Airbnb of restaurants.

Feastly allows chefs to transform their homes into their restaurants without all the overhead and investment of a traditional restaurant. Conversely, it will enable diners an alternative to the traditional restaurant.

How does Feastly work?

It’s pretty simple: As a chef, you sign up on Feastly site. You decide the menu, the price, the date, the number of feasters you can handle, etc. Feastly fill the seats, handle the money, and take a modest 12% administrative cut.

As a diner, you browse and signup for dinners in your area (right now, your main markets are Washington DC, New York, and San Francisco). In preference to the restaurant, the Feastly experience rewards dinners with home-cooked meals and a unique social experience, or as Feastly co-founder Noah Karesh put it, “The dining table is the optimal social network.”

What are the requirements to list on Feastly?

  • pass a site evaluation, which includes answering cooking and background questions;
  • follow rigorous food safety management standards;
  • undergo regular inspections

How do you earn money on Feastly?

Chefs or cooks post menus online ahead of time so that Feasters can search for their favorite dishes or chefs.

How much money can you make on Feastly?

Earn $30 to $50 per meal, before expenses

Pros of listing on Feastly

  • Because they have restaurant space, you will likely be able to accommodate many more guests in Feastly’s separate locations than at home.
  • Because Feastly does not require chefs to have professional cooking experience, both amateur chefs and restaurant chefs can join.
  • Considering how hard it is to create a restaurant, Feastly wants to provide a tool for beginners to “monetize their passion [for cooking] and develop their brand, with the added benefit of the community.
  • Cooks determine the type of food they want to share, the price it costs, space, and time to organize dinner, and the number of people who will join them.

Cons of listing on Feastly

  • Feastly requires more experience and preparation, possibly also additional servers
  • So far, active in Washington D.C., New York, and the San Francisco Bay area, but Feastly may soon be in a city near you.
  • The site charges both diners and chefs a fee for using the platform, as does the much more extensive network at EatWith.

How do I sign up to list on Feastly?

It’s pretty simple: As a chef, you can register on the Feastly site. As a cook, you determine the menu, the price, the date, how many feasts you can handle, etc.

What is the website for Feastly?


Does Feastly have an app?

There are no apps available.


Feastly lets you take advantage of your in-house chef by reserving cooking meals for strangers in your own home or at one of Feastly’s locations.

On the other side of the coin, preparing and serving a larger group from an unfamiliar kitchen is also far more complex. Feastly is excellent for someone with catering experience, but newbies can start cooking for EatWith before moving on to Feastly’s more complex challenge.

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