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Flipsy Review

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What is Flipsy?

As technology advances, consumers often find themselves outdated electronic devices. Flipsy lets them to field offers and get a good return for their previous tech instead of letting it collect dust or trading it in for minimal value.

The site also lists prices and connects users with buyers of damaged or locked devices, and features bulk-selling capabilities, making it easy to sell many devices at once. The platform allows sellers to get some value from unused items while keeping hazardous waste out of landfills.

How does Flipsy work?

Users on Flipsy begin the process of selling their phones by going to their home page and entering the model and carrier. The site returns a list of buyers and prices currently offered for that device. Those offers can be up to 30% than carrier-trade in values.

And selling through Flipsy saves the time and hassle of creating an eBay or Craigslist listing, uploading photos, and negotiating prices. Plus, you save money by not charging listing and payment processing fees.

What are the requirements to sell through Flipsy?

Phone to sell

How do you make money on Flipsy?

Flipsy.com is a good option for people with slightly damaged devices (for example: broken but functional screen).

How much money can you earn on Flipsy?

Selling your unwanted electronic products can be a great idea. For example, you can get $50 for a waterlogged iPhone that you thought worth nothing.

Pros of selling for Flipsy

  • Quick payment with a variety of options.
  • Accepts a wide range of other electronic devices.
  • Flipsy is also a leading repurchase provider search engine that connects device sellers with buyers.
  • Excellent client service

Cons of selling by Flipsy

  • Low value offered for iPhones
  • Uses large processing centres which cut into what they can provide customers with
  • Unclear who the “professional buyers” are

How do I sign up to sell for Flipsy?

You can register with a valid email address, set a secure password, and post your first ad as a picture.

What is the website for Flipsy?


Does Flipsy have an app?

The Flipsy mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices.


Flipsy can help people assess their value, or sell their old but still in-demand phones and devices. To quickly find the value of a phone, users can even download the free Flipsy app.

The platform also plans to launch a new feature that will include more independent and local stores on its buyer lists. This expanded scope will direct businesses to smaller establishments, while helping sellers get the best price for their used electronics, and keeping hazardous chemicals and contaminants out of the environment.

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Last updated : 9/22/2023

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