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Geartrade Review

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What is Geartrade?

GearTrade started as a website called Skitrade in 1998. Within a year, the company changed its name to GearTrade and established itself in Provo, Utah. The company launched a market where outdoor enthusiasts could purchase and sell gear.

As the platform continued to evolve, it attracted more enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who wanted to buy and sell sports equipment such as skiing, hiking, snowboarding, camping, and mountaineering.

How does Geartrade work?

Getting started is easy. Users can register on their website. Sellers register with their email address and can begin posting gears right away. They must post a couple of photos of each item, add some details about it, and set a price to create a listing.

Users should list any deficiencies with an item and are encouraged to write a detailed description. The website has guidelines on taking great photos and how to complete a list in the most attractive way to buyers.

What are the requirements to list on Geartrade?

Once you verify your email, click “Sell Your Equipment,” You will be presented with a large form to complete. Here is a summary:

  • Upload pictures
  • Write a title
  • Tell a story about your gear
  • Choose category, brand, size, condition, etc.
  • Set a price
  • Choose the shipping option
  • Submit the listing

How do you make money on Geartrade?

Geartrade is an online store where you sell gears. The products category is clothing, travel, snowboard, ski, climb, hiking, mountain bike, skate, snowshoe, fly fishing, paddle sports, etc. Under these various categories, there are also several other sub-categories.

How much money can you make on Geartrade?

As you saw in our example, you can earn $5.00, more or less, depending on the type of item you sell.

Pros of listing on Geartrade

  • An exemplary user interface helps shoppers find what they need.
  • It is SSL certified. SSL has many benefits: it helps protect a person’s data, affirms their identity.
  • Perhaps what people like the most about Geartrade is that it is precisely for sporting goods.
  • You may get a higher price for your gear.
  • It’s easy to become a Geartrade seller today.

Cons of listing on Geartrade

  • The site owner does not reveal their individuality.
  • Remember that Geartrade has millions of active users, and with so many sellers, you are likely to face stiff competition when selling popular gears.

How do I sign up to list on Geartrade?

To get started, go to and click “Sign Up” from the main menu. To create an account, they only need your name and address, username and password, and a verified email address.

What is the website for Geartrade?

Does Geartrade have an app?

No apps available


Geartrade was explicitly created to connect buyers and sellers of sports equipment. They have one of the most robust user bases and a continually rotating selection of items. While items offerings can range from new to very old, it is the most user-friendly site of its kind.

Since you’re looking to turn your clutter into cash, we can recommend checking out Geartrade for anything from clothing to tech gear and more.

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