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GetMyBoat Review

Compensation : $200-$5000/day
Skills Needed : Rent Boats and Yachts
Gig Type : On-site gigs, Work from home gigs

What is GetMyBoat?

There was a time when Uber and Airbnb were peculiar new ideas, and yet today, they are a staple in the travel sphere. GetMyBoat is ready to join them, as more and more users join the latest trend.

The company has already risen to a unique position; as the world’s largest boat rental and aquatic experience market. Currently, the platform has more than 130,000 boat rentals and underwater experiences in 184 countries and 9,300 destinations, in addition to more than 175,000 app downloads and counting.

Established in San Francisco in January 2013, GetMyBoat allows owners of all types of boats, from kayaks to sailboats to powerboats, to list their boats for rent or charter for free. From Los Angeles to London to Istanbul, users can search, find, and book any aquatic experience anywhere in the world.

How does GetMyBoat work? allows individuals who own boats to list their boats as available to rent. Then renters can go through the listings and reserve the craft of their choice.

If someone wants to rent their craft, they can create a free account and list their boats. On the platform, you can not only list boats, paddleboards, kayaks, sailboats, fishing boats, as well as experiences such as parasailing, diving, etc.

Boat owners can add photos of the boat and details, including its availability, passenger accommodation capacity, and make, model, and year.

What are the requirements to list on GetMyBoat?

  • A boat, jet ski, paddle, or kayak to rent
  • The ability to offer lessons, tours, or charters in any water sport, from surfing to deep-sea fishing.
  • A smartphone

How do you earn money on GetMyBoat?

Rent out your boat, offer captained charters, or rent out your water sports equipment.

How much money can you make on GetMyBoat?

Prices vary by boat type – a quick search for boats in the Boston area revealed a kayak priced at $20 an hour and a 116-foot 2003 Whisper priced at $9,858 per day.

Pros of listing GetMyBoat

  • They use Falvey Yacht Insurance, which has “created a specific type of coverage just for GetMyBoat.”
  • The payment goes through the service and makes the rental more convenient.
  • If you own a boat and want to rent it to others, these services provide a listing platform and the ability to control who you rent from and rent the boat.
  • The site is free to use, both for renters and clients, until someone wants to rent a boat.
  • You also can approve, reject, or suggest offers for your renters.

Cons of listing on GetMyBoat

  • More boat owners can mean less time on the water for each individual
  • There are no guarantees that this platform will help you rent out your boat.
  • It almost seems that this site is much more prevalent in the larger cities, in front of the sea, and in areas where there is a vast amount of tourist attention.

How do I sign up to list on GetMyBoat?

Those interested in chartering their boat can do this by creating an account on Add a description and photo of the boat.

What is the website for GetMyBoat?

Does GetMyBoat have an app?

GetMyBoat has an application for Android and iOS.


GetMyBoat is a website that allows boat owners to list their boats for rent and allows other people (who don’t have a boat or don’t need to buy it) to rent them for a decent amount of money.

There are no guarantees that platform will help you rent out your boat. But they are a fairly popular site, so GetMyBoat can most likely do a lot to help you rent out your boat if you are looking to make some extra spending money.

So yeah … two thumbs up from us!

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