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Gett Review

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Skills Needed : Travel and Tours
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is Gett

Gett is a global transportation and mobility company. # 1 in Europe, Gett is already in more than 100 cities in Europe and the US., including New York, London, Moscow, and Tel Aviv. In London alone, almost half of all taxis that are blacks run on Gett. In New York, it is the fastest-growing ridesharing app and is on its way to becoming the second-largest player in that market. It is also the world leader in ground business travel, trusted by more than 7,000 leading corporations worldwide.

How does Gett work?

Gett, was launched in New York in 2013, pays its drivers $ .70 per minute in addition to 100 percent of any tips, which passengers have the option of adding in the application. . offers the unique ability to consolidate any collection of ground travel providers in-country and across countries, on a single booking platform. Whether for on-demand ride-hailing, taxi, chauffeur, or on-demand limousine.

What are the requirements to work for Gett?

When it comes to the qualifications required to drive for Gett, along with the standard driver requirements, you must have a higher level of driving experience to be considered a Gett driver.

According to Gett, vehicles must be at least 2011 or newer and must be black, dark blue, gray, silver, or white. You must also be registered with the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission.

How do you earn money on Gett?

Gett gives Uber drivers $500 to change companies, and it will give new drivers a $500 bonus when they complete their first 20 orders. Drivers will also earn $500 for each friend who enters the Gett fold.

How much money can you make on Gett?

Gett boasts that drivers who work 40 hours a week would get six figures on average and up to $110,000, including tips.

Pros of working for Gett

  • Drivers on Gett enjoy greater freedom and flexibility. Drivers can log in and out of the system at any time and choose their schedule.
  • Many times there are downtimes while waiting for a passenger to request a ride. While on call, the driver can spend as much time as they please.
  • You may find that there are general demographics, but you will meet all kinds of people of all ages who use Gett to get around. Every person that gets in the driver’s car creates an opportunity for social interaction.
  • If you have specific financial goals to achieve, driving through Gett can help you find the success you want.
  • The app gives you directions to where you need to go.

Cons of working for Gett

  • Most people would think twice before picking up a hitchhiker, but as a for-hire driver, you are allowing strangers to get into your car.
  • As a for-hire driver, your car insurance policy does not cover your vehicle when you function as a driver.
  • Cars depreciate quickly, and probably the biggest enemy of your car’s value is the number of miles.
  • Drunk people can also be unpleasant and irrational.

How do I sign up to work for Gett?

Gett drivers need to access Gett through the app or website and sign up for an account using email addresses and cell phone numbers.

What is the website for Gett?


Does Gett have an app?

Available for iPhone and Android devices


If you’re looking for a side job to make money, driving for Gett might be the perfect option given the flexible hours; this allows you to build your business when you need to and make extra money when things are slow.

However, don’t expect to make $20 an hour anytime soon. As you learn the ins-and-outs of how to drive for maximum efficiency, expect your income to rise, but until then, be patient.

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