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GigSalad Review

Compensation : -
Skills Needed : Organizing Events 
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is GigSalad? provides a platform for event planners to find local talent, request quotes, book talent, and make secure payments. Performers, speakers, and event service providers pay a membership fee to appear on the market, where they can provide quotes, book gigs, and collect payments.

With locations in the US, GigSalad frequently offers telecommuting opportunities. Candidates for company jobs can be based anywhere in the United States without the need to travel.

How does GigSalad work?

If you are a musician, comedian, magician, DJ, photographer, bartender, or other entertainment professionals, you should know GigSalad. This popular marketplace helps you connect with clients hosting parties, weddings, or corporate events.

On the platform, there is a free membership option where entertainers are charged a 5% commission, or you choose from one of their membership programs.

What are the requirements to work for GigSalad?

There isn’t much information on GigSalad about who can join.

However, when you sign up, you must use a US phone number to verify your account, so you must live in the US to find work at GigSalad.

Other than that, there are no requirements to join.

How do you earn money on GigSalad?

It’s straightforward to earn money and have fun, thanks to GigSalad! All you have to do is register, list your services, and wait for clients to book you.

You can perform anything from a photographer for a wedding, a musician for art exhibits, or even a balloon twister at fairs!

How much money can you make on GigSalad?

There is no information on the earnings for GigSalad. But you could make around $100 per party.

Pros of working for GigSalad

  • We found that GigSalad respects the work-life balance of its staff
  • Easy to use platform
  • Most gigs are direct consultations, so you do not compete with other people to get hired.
  • Easy to target specific areas of the country
  • This is an excellent way to get your feet wet in the speaking industry, especially if you are new and don’t have much experience yet.

Cons of working for GigSalad

  • The pay isn’t that high – don’t think of GigSalad’s clients (including your clients) as employers in a traditional job.
  • Performers, speakers, and event service providers pay a membership fee to appear on the market.
  • Due to competition among the entertainers themselves, it is difficult to say if you will always find jobs available when you want to work.
  • All jobs require you to present yourself physically.

How do I sign up to work for GigSalad?

Click here to access the registration page. You can connect with Facebook; then, you will create a fun profile, add images, videos, and audio files!

What is the website for GigSalad?

Does GigSalad have an app?

No available app


If you are looking for entertainment work in your local area and have the time to keep an eye on the platform quite frequently, GigSalad can, in our opinion, be a decent option.

You should not be entirely relied on your income from GigSalad, as there is no guarantee of how often you will be able to find work. And in some areas, you may never be able to find any.

But as an additional way to flexibly earn money, it can be a good option depending on where you live.

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