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Glassdoor Review

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What is Glassdoor?

When it comes to job search sites, Glassdoor may be the most unique. Founded by Tim Besse Robert Hohman and Rich Barton in 2007, this company is the most transparent career-community in the world that is changing the way people find jobs. No other job search site lets you see how employers fare in the eyes of the people who are already working there, or what the work environment looks like, or even how much you could earn.

How does Glassdoor work?

Glassdoor, the leading community for social jobs and careers, provides access to millions of job offers while offering a free insider’s view of what it is like to work at 220,000 companies in more than 190 countries.

Glassdoor allows employees, job seekers, employers, and recruiters to simultaneously see unedited opinions about a company’s work environment for the first time, along with details about salary, company reviews, interview questions, and office photos, together with benefits and CEO approval ratings.

What are the requirements to post on Glassdoor?

Once you are ready to start the hunt, create an account, and upload your polished resume to apply for jobs.

How do you make money on Glassdoor?

Searching for a job has become more accessible thanks to Glassdoor. Its database gives job seekers access to millions of company reviews, salary reports, office photos, or interview reviews. It helps you from the beginning of your research till the end of it, once you found the “job that fits your life.”

How much money can you earn at Glassdoor?

Varies by job

Pros of posting on Glassdoor

  • Glassdoor has one of the most substantial numbers of open job listings, with more than 10 million available.
  • Another remarkable thing Glassdoor does to help job seekers find the right career or employer for them is to allow employees to share their wages for all to see anonymously.
  • This job search site also allows you to view company reviews conducted, once again, by actual employees.
  • This company offers more than just a job search and company review function.
  • For those who are always on the go or busy with other obligations outside the home, they can now have the full power of the Glassdoor platform on their mobile devices.

Cons of posting on Glassdoor

  • While this job search site has many features that no other similar website has, they seem to lack a feature that is relatively common among services such as this: advanced search options.
  • It’s just a job listing search engine, making it somewhat redundant if you’re already using other sites.

How do I sign up on Glassdoor?

Visit the Glassdoor website. Clicking on the profile icon button at the upper right corner of the site will direct you to a section where you can fill out a form to get a free employee account.

What is the website for Glassdoor?

Does Glassdoor have an app?

The Glassdoor app is available for both iOS and Android.


Glassdoor stands out above many job search sites solely for the fact that it values transparency. You can read about thousands of companies, see reviews written by real employees, see actual employee salaries, see a company’s interview process, and much more.

Thanks to these exclusive features, job applicants can be well informed and equipped with incredibly useful knowledge about potential employers so that they can better decide which job offer or company is best for them. If you think transparency is the way to go when it comes to choosing the right company and job offer, then you should take a look at Glassdoor.

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