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Glyde Review

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What is Glyde?

Glyde is an online marketplace that aims to make life easier for buyers and sellers by automatically formatting listings and setting prices. Sellers don’t have to upload images, and they even gave pre-stamped, pre-addressed packages, so all they have to do is slide the item in and drop it off at the post office. Think of as an eBay for dummies, or for the merely lazy.

The company now handles not only smartphones and tablets but also MacBooks and video games. The selection is excellent overall. All reasonably popular phone produced in recent years is included.

Glyde is a transaction facilitator. They serve as a place where people can put their phones up for sale rather than a place that sells phones directly to customers.

How does Glyde work?

Like any other site that offers used products, offers users to buy or sell used devices such as iPhones, iPads, tablets, smartphones, and video games. They also accept other consumer electronics needs like DVD, CD, game consoles, cameras, and more.

Glyde even buys broken phones. Glyde works like any other online retail store, like listing the item you want to sell, waiting for any potential buyers, and doing a bargain. Glyde guarantees their orders’ security and credibility, which is why they use order tracking so that customers can monitor their orders anytime, anywhere.

What are the requirements to list on Glyde?

Have electronic products to sell and be honest in your dealings on the site

How do you earn money on Glyde?

Glyde allows you to earn some money through its buyback program, allowing users to sell their used electronic devices.

You will sell these gadgets directly to consumers, unlike most buyback sites. So you can sell iPads, iPhones, or related Apple devices.

How much money can you make on Glyde?

As you saw in our example, you can earn $5.00, more or less, depending on the type of item you sell.

Pros of listing on Glyde

  • The Glyde guarantee and easy navigation website were two of the many things we appreciated about Glyde.
  • A significant advantage that users agree on is that it allows you to exchange your device in any condition.
  • The site also has a listing formula, informing sellers what to expect. Users find this useful as it saves them the stress of pricing phones on their own.
  • You can trade lower to sell faster or higher to try to wait for more money.
  • Sellers will find listing a phone simply because the website handles all the details for you through a series of multiple-choice questions. You don’t need to write your own description or provide photos.

Cons of listing on Glyde

  • Most people complain about the site’s customer service. Users have to write an email, which takes days or even goes unanswered.
  • Additionally, this site has a significant cut, which users can easily avoid if they choose to sell iPhones directly to buyers. This is even worse if your phone was in poor condition.
  • This is not a market for flip-phone clingers, but rather people looking to buy and sell electronic devices that are still popular.

How do I sign up to list on Glyde?

Like many of the options we’ve reviewed in the recent past, Glyde has a relatively easy sign-up process. Once you visit, you will get a menu tab at the top left of your screen, displaying various options, including My Account.

What is the website for Glyde?

Does Glyde have an app?

The Glyde app is available for iOS and Android.


If you find your home stocked with lots of used electronics and other goods, look no further than Glyde and start listing all the items you want to sell.

The Glyde system makes it easy for anyone to sell almost anything to anyone. With your added security and customer support, you’ll know that your package will always reach you safely and without dents or cracks. Glyde has good ratings from companies like Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and many others.

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