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Graphite Review

Compensation : -
Skills Needed : Accounting, Data Analysis, Sales and Marketing
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is

Graphite was launched in 2014, with an initial focus on linking independent financial experts and other consultants with project work. According to Business Insider, Vikram, along with his longtime friend Ashwin Krishnan worked in the private equity industry before launching Graphite.

According to its website, Graphite currently employs 5,200 vetted independent experts with an average of 12 to 15 years of experience. The company lists nine core competencies, including Corporate Strategy& Development, Finance & Accounting, and Sales & Marketing, among others.

How does work?

Graphite hires freelancers from various industries to join its stable of remote workers ready to go for their clients. You’ll find sixteen top sectors listed on the Graphite home page: Chemical Industry, Agriculture, Automotive, Aerospace &Defense, Chemical Industry, and many more.

Whether your skill is in customer service, writing, and editing, or sales, Graphite has a place for you.

What are the requirements to work for

All of the requirements for working with Graphite depend on the position you are applying for, but they are all common-sense requirements that you can predict based on the job. If you are a coder, you must have coding experience, perhaps certification or training, and the ability to demonstrate your skills. If you are a product manager, you are expected to have product management experience and verifiable evidence of your skills. As an expert in your industry, you certainly have what it takes to qualify.

How do you earn money on

Graphite is the leading online recruiting platform for independent business talent. The platform allows users to find and engage in top-tier finance and consulting professionals for short-term projects. Graphite fills a critical niche, connecting clients with selected professionals for support with financial modelling, market research, business strategy, and presentations.

How much money can you make on

Typical projects equal about $100/hour and range in duration from several weeks to six months. Graphite takes 25% off the top.

Pros of working for

  • Higher quality work is easier to find because each tab is hand-selected.
  • There are different job categories to search for.
  • Freelancers can choose their own work hours.
  • If someone you worked for likes your job, you could receive a full-time contract with him/her.
  • Graphite also has excellent customer service. Their service personnel has a very rapid response and turnaround times.

Cons of working for

  • The majority of Graphite complaints come from freelancers who did not pass Graphite screening interviews.
  • Freelancers must maintain high customer satisfaction rates. Otherwise, Graphite will remove them from the platform.
  • The other complaints made by freelancers are receiving lower pay than expected.
  • The registration and selection processes are too long.

How do I sign up to work for

To be considered for a freelance position at Graphite, you will need to submit your profile to them. You can do this by going to and using the “Sign Up” option.

What is the website for

Does have an app?

No app available


Graphite is a freelance website that promises companies that they can hire the top global freelancers. You can undoubtedly be one of them if you work hard enough to develop your skills.

Graphite is for professionals. If you are one, this is probably an excellent place for you. If you don’t have substantial experience yet, it might be best to start somewhere else.

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