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Greenpal Review

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Category : Home Services
Skills Needed : Lawn Care 
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is GreenPal?

The creators of the “GreenPal” app call it the “Uber” of lawn work. The app connects lawn professionals with people who need their services. Users will fill out the information on the app, and pro in the area will send quotes. People can choose which company to work with.

GreenPal is available in 35 states and more than 150 cities.

How does GreenPal work?

After providing GreenPal with specific information about their lawn and the level of service they are seeking, customers can include accounts on the app. Local lawn professionals can present their best offers to the clients, effectively entering into a system of lawn care bidding. This allows the contractors to compare prices and services by choosing the lawn care service provider that works best for them.

After the customer settles on their GreenPal Pro, they will schedule a time for the work to be done. Their lawn care professional will email the customer a time-stamped photo of the lawn. The owner can pay for the services through the app, rate the services provided, and schedule another appointment.

What are the requirements to work for GreenPal?

For contractors to join the platform, they must complete the forms in the provider application process and undergo validation of the Social Security number and soundbank information to process payments on the platform.

How do you earn money on GreenPal?

GreenPal connects homeowners who need landscaping work with contractors willing to do it. Contractors publish profiles of their businesses and photos of the yards they have serviced. When clients list jobs on the platform, contractors in the same geographic area can “bid” on the job, presumably giving the customer numerous landscaping offers to choose from

How much money can you make on GreenPal?

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Pros of working for GreenPal

  • Potential for stable, ongoing, and consistent work.
  • It does not require formal training for employees.
  • Great for workers who have summers available
  • You can select a rate based on what you are worth.

Cons of working for GreenPal

  • May offer only seasonal work in specific areas
  • Start-up costs can be expensive
  • Many existing providers create a competitive and possibly saturated local market
  • You can lose customers during tough economic times

How do I sign up to work for GreenPal?

It is free for both homeowners and contractors to sign up. Contractors can register on the app with references, photos of work done on the property, and have commercial equipment.

What is the website for GreenPal?

Does GreenPal have an app?

Free mobile application downloadable on iOS and Android devices.

With the GreenPal app, you can keep all your lawn business’s stuff in one place, manage your routes, schedules, billing, and grow your business from the palm of your hand on the go.


The smell of freshly cut grass is astonishing, but it’s not the only reason to start a landscaping business or consider yard care as supplemental income jobs.

There is an excellent opportunity within this service sector, and you will have the ability to customize a business to suit your specific desires and needs. Consider the above pros and cons before you start working for GreenPal.

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