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Groundlink Review

Compensation :  $120000/year 
Skills Needed : Driving 
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is GroundLink?

Groundlink is an app-based driver service that matches passengers with professional drivers in many cities around the country. They describe themselves as “GroundLink provides corporate clients and leisure travelers with safe, reliable, and professional chauffeured car service in major cities around the world.”

The New York City-based company launched in Philly in 2009 and made about 250 trips per month, most of which are to and from the airport. It has 300 cars in the area. While it offers on-demand service in other cities around the country, it’s an imperfect comparison to Uber since, in Philly, users have to book rides ahead of time.

691518 - Find new gigs - Make Extra Money On The Side- Find new gigs - Make Extra Money On The Side

How does GroundLink work?

GroundLink is targeted toward existing limousine drivers who already have the licensing, insurance, and other qualifications to be a professional driver. GroundLink uses a dispatching system that sends scheduled and on-demand work to qualified drivers, so it’s a way for existing drivers to get a new job.

GroundLink offers other Uber-esque features, like scheduling via mobile app and GPS tracking. They also don’t use Uber’s “surge pricing” tactic of upping the fare when rides are in high demand. Instead, GroundLink uses “zone” pricing, which means that a trip from University City to Center City will be the same price as a trip from University City to the airport ($66 in an “economy” car). (Uber’s flagship service, UberBLACK, on the other hand, would cost about $45 to get to the airport and a half that to get to Center City.)

What are the requirements to work for GroundLink?

To become an independent driver for GroundLink, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Must own qualifying black-car vehicle: 5 years old or newer, black paint
  • Insurance policy – Up to the minimum for commercial drivers in your area (typically $500k)
  • Commercial licensing
  • Proof of EIN
  • Airport permit for commercial drivers
  • Full list of document requirements
  • Must pass a background check

How do you earn money on GroundLink?

Getting started as a rideshare driver is pretty straightforward. First, you’ll go through a few online steps to confirm service is hiring in your area and that you and your car meet basic requirements. After a background check and some paperwork, you could be off to work!

How much money can you make on GroundLink?

Based on our own research into typical GroundLink fares, most regular rides were in the $80 – $100 range.

691518 - Find new gigs - Make Extra Money On The Side- Find new gigs - Make Extra Money On The Side

Pros of working for GroundLink

  • GroundLink operates in more than 100 cities around the globe, including big capitals like New York, Rome, Hong Kong, and Miami.
  • There are many positive aspects of driving for GroundLink. To start, you get to set your own schedule. This is a significant appeal for anyone who’s used to a 9 to 5 job.
  • Another benefit of driving for GroundLink is that you’re your own boss. No one is bossing you around, yelling at you for taking breaks or accusing you of wasting time. You’re in control of your earnings and work.

Cons of working for GroundLink

  • With GroundLink, you will be self-employed, which means you will be responsible for paying your taxes, looking after your car, fueling, arranging your insurance, and paying for your car maintenance.
  • Whenever you have any issue, you will be limited to email support or will have wait for GroundLink office times, which only provides two hours partner support window.
  • You must be well aware of the fact that GroundLink lets its riders (customers) and drivers (partners) rate each other. The problem with this approach is that no matter how hard you try to make certain riders happy. You will end up being disappointed.

How do I sign up to work for GroundLink?

If you have all of your documentation in order, the GroundLink signup process is a relatively simple online application with a background check.

  • Create a profile at
  • Upload required documents
  • Download the GroundLink driver app
  • Watch training videos to learn how to use the app
  • Undergo background screening

GroundLink app

Every GroundLink driver is required to manage their trips through the DriveAnywhere app, a mobile app for iPhones and Androids developed by Limo Anywhere, a subsidiary of GroundLink Holdings LLC.

What is the website for GroundLink?


Any side hustle is better than no side hustle. GroundLink driving is an option to earn extra money on the side, but it’s not easy money—just ask any career cab driver!

Expenses and taxes will take a big cut out of how much you can earn driving with GroundLink, so if you want to earn more, you need to understand how to minimize expenses.

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