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HairSellon Review

Compensation :  $300-$800/hair 
Skills Needed : Buy and Sell Hair  
Gig Type : On-site gigs, Work from home gigs

What is HairSellon?

It’s an online global marketplace where you can buy and sell hairs quickly. To sell your hairs you need to register an account with them after that just post an ad and wait for a buyer to make you an offer.

Well, if you have long hairs and you need to cut them anyway, better sell them here and make some extra money online.

How does HairSellon work?

HairSellon has one of the lower hair lengths allowed for sale. You can sell as little as six inches of your hair and earn cash through this site. There is no commission taken from the sale of your hair; however, HairSellon does have a listing fee. You can list your hair for sale for 60 days to a lifetime. Depending on the length of your post, you will pay between $15 and $50 to list your hair for sale through this site. However, many people have had success (even one woman who claimed to have made $4K from selling her hair).

What are the requirements to sell on HairSellon?

Hair to sell

How do you earn money on HairSellon?

Your hairs should be at least 5 inches long; in addition, you can sell any type of hairs on the top of that you can sell your hairs from any country to wherever in the world.

They also have built-in hair price calculators so you can work out on how much of a hair actually worth.

How much money can you make on HairSellon?

No matter the color of your hair or how scarce it is, prices can vary significantly from site to site. Multiple online classified sites allow you to set your price. On HairSellon, one seller was able to sell 20 inches of straight, European, light blonde hair with gold highlights for $800. Another fetched $300 for 18 inches of straight, black, Asian hair.

Pros of selling on HairSellon

  • To help you determine the value of your hair, you can use the hair price calculator from HairSellon.
  • Following Google Safe Browsing, Google Safe Search, and Symantec is a pretty safe domain.
  • Relying on Google Mobile-Friendly test is well optimized for mobile and tablet devices; however, website page loading time may be improved.
  • Remember one thing you don’t need to cut your hair until someone actually bought it.

Cons of selling on HairSellon

  • You can only receive payment through PayPal.
  • The fee for your listing is going to cost you between $15 and $50.

How do I sign up to sell on HairSellon?

Listing your hair for sale online at HairSellon is quick and easy. Sign up for a free account, click Post an Ad and choose the type of listing you want

While your account is free to post an ad, you will be required to pay for your listing to be advertised.

What is the website for HairSellon?

Does HairSellon have an app?

No available app


Thank goodness hair is a naturally excellent resource that replenishes itself so you can earn some extra cash. The one main disadvantage we see, however, is that it takes months for the hair to grow to a suitable length that will fetch a good amount of money, so it’s not really something you can earn quickly from.

Of course, you can always donate your hair to cancer groups or charities like Locks of Love or Wigs4Kids, and that would be a remarkable gesture. But we understand the need to want to earn some extra income for emergency funds or even to augment the family budget – we’ve been there, and we’ve done that. It’s a great thing that there are now sites and resources for buying and selling a natural product like hair and that it’s become a legitimate way to earn on the side.

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Last updated : 1/26/2023

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