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Heartbeat Review

Compensation : $30/hr
Category : Marketplace
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is Heartbeat.com?

Heartbeat, an ambassador and social marketing platform, has surpassed 250,000 micro-influencers in less than two years in the space. The platform allows real women to be paid to share products on Instagram while allowing brands to associate with a captive and intimate audience. Through daily marketing initiatives and micro-influencer campaigns that focus on authenticity and engagement rather than the number of followers, Heartbeat.com changes the face of influencer marketing and is no longer airbrushed.

How does Heartbeat.com work?

Heartbeat is a platform that focuses on female influencers; they match potential influencers with brands seeking a similar audience. In addition to the feminine approach, Heartbeat differs because the program matches Instagram users with brands based on a wide range of questions about what you like and what you post. There is no minimum number of followers.

What are the requirements to work for Heartbeat.com?

Woman with at least a few hundred followers on Instagram

How do you earn money on Heartbeat.com?

Most campaigns on Heartbeat include a simple task like posting about a new product or brand and include specific hashtags to use and posting guidelines. Once you complete a campaign and submit your post to the Heartbeat.com system, you will be paid within 5-7 days through PayPal according to the PayPal email address on your profile.

How much money can you make on Heartbeat.com?

You can see your pay rate on your profile; it is large and bold on the left side of the page. A button to verify your payment rate is also found in each registration email. Note, every campaign is different, so read the email carefully. There will always be precise dollar amounts or rewards in the campaign description.

Influencers can earn between $3 and $50 per post.

Pros of working for Heartbeat.com

  • Heartbeat allows real people to promote the brands they believe in, and, as the numbers show, it’s working.
  • Heartbeat has long recognized authenticity as a critical factor in social influence.
  • Heartbeat Ambassadors are located across the country and typically have between 300 and 5,000 followers, but the most important factor is engagement.
  • Ambassadors are paid a flat fee for each campaign for which they are accepted or receive a free product in exchange for their post.
  • Ambassadors can sign up to receive automatic notifications that will alert them to new opportunities.
  • When you become an influencer, you are not limited by a full-time job or a fixed location.

Cons of working for Heartbeat.com

  • Getting followers is an ongoing headache.
  • There may be instances when you feel tempted to promote something that is not helpful to your audience. The reasons for this could be additional money from brands, gifts, etc.

    You need to be invariably “ON” all the time, since being an influencer is 24/7. It’s the harsh reality of an influencer’s life.

    Today, everyone runs the risk of facing internet bullies and also influencers.

How do I sign up to work for Heartbeat.com?

Get started by registering as an ambassador on the “Join us” page. Follow the instructions for one-click login with your Instagram. This is like signing up with a one-click Facebook login, but they use Instagram instead.

What is the website for Heartbeat.com?


Does Heartbeat.com have an app?

The Heartbeat Ambassadors mobile app is available for Android and iOS.


If you are someone who loves to take photos of yourself, your food, and your clothes and tell all your passionate followers, everything you love and hate, you will love Heartbeat.com.

The world of influencer marketing can seem appealing from an outside perspective. However, influencers struggle to keep their audience engaged.

Work may be inconsistent, and maintaining integrity can be cumbersome. But if everything is well managed, you can reap the rewards of being an influencer in the form of gifts, flexibility, and good income.

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