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Hello Cheffy Review

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Category : Cooking
Skills Needed : Cooking 
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is Hello Cheffy?

For professional chefs who don’t want to work in restaurants, working as a private chef for Hello Cheffyâ„¢ is an attractive alternative. Chefs work on their own in private homes and on yachts, creating meals that adhere to the tastes and possible dietary restrictions of household members. Although duties vary, many chefs are responsible for all grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

How does Hello Cheffy work?

A personal chef provides much-needed service to individuals and families who lack time. A family or household generally employs personal chefs; they will customize a meal plan according to the customer’s dietary needs and preferences, purchase items, prepare food, and also clean the kitchen once they are finished.

A Personal Chef on Hellocheffy.com is not a “Caterer” or a “Private Chef” who cooks exclusively for a family whether it’s private parties, catering, cooking classes or if you want a personal chef to prepare dinner for you.

What are the requirements to work for Hello Cheffy?

  • A food handler license;
  • Training and culinary experience;
  • Pass background checks;
  • Personal liability insurance is recommended but not necessary.

How do you earn money on Hello Cheffy?

Cook with Hello Cheffy and earn money as an independent contractor. Hello Cheffy takes customers who need a chef to talented chefs like you. Cook when you want and set your own prices.

How much money can you make on Hello Cheffy?

Average rate: $20/hour

Pros of working for Hello Cheffy

  • One of the biggest attractions to work as a chef is that you can be your own boss.
  • You can work in various locations (restaurants, hotels, retirement communities, and country clubs) anywhere in the world.
  • You save money on utilities and the things necessary to run an office.
  • It is a job that will allow you to express your creativity.

Cons of working for Hello Cheffy

  • You will need to know a lot about food security.
  • The kitchen you are cooking-in may be poorly equipped.
  • Clients can be finicky or demanding.
  • There’s no question that career chefs and cooks must contend with the insane number of hours that the job requires.
  • Not too comfortable working conditions. Chefs ply their trade-in testing conditions and environment.

How do I sign up to work for Hello Cheffy?

To become one of the chefs for HelloCheffy.com, you can do it here.

What is the website for Hello Cheffy?


Does Hello Cheffy have an app?

There are no apps available.


We believe that being a chef is one of the most versatile jobs on the market. There are different categories of being a chef too. A pastry chef is a type of chef, and there are also subcategories, as soul food chefs, Italian chefs, and grills are some of the subcategories.

Considering you can stand the heat and stress, being a chef is for you. These above pros and cons summarize this work correctly, in our opinion.

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