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Homeaway Review

Compensation :  $33000/year 
Category : Hospitality, Rentals
Skills Needed : Rent Real Estate
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is HomeAway?

HomeAwayInc was founded in 2004 in Austin, Texas. After acquiring several vacation rental websites, the company decided to combine them to create HomeAway.com, which launched successfully in the summer of 2006.

Since then, they have grown exponentially by continuing to purchase both American and international websites, allowing for one of the largest selections of vacation rental properties available.

How does HomeAway work?

HomeAway connects travelers with owners and facilitates the exchange of vacation rentals between the two parties.

On this platform, hosts have the option to pay an annual subscription fee or pay per reservation. The yearly subscription is $499 per year for unlimited reservations and bookings with a 3% credit card charge per. The HomeAway reservation payment option charges a 5% commission with a 3% credit card charge fee per reservation.

What are the requirements to list on HomeAway?

Here is a list of everything you will need to provide to create your listing:

  • Location details: address, map location
  • Profile description: title, property description
  • Property information: property type, number of rooms, number of guests, photographs
  • Contact information: email, phone number
  • Prices and rules: rates, fees, and cancellation policies

For your listing to be published, you must complete all this information and have a complete profile.

How do you earn money on HomeAway?

By visiting http://www.homeaway.com/earn and entering the address of the homes and necessary property information, homeowners will obtain an estimate of the annual rental income potential based on comparable properties that are already successfully renting on HomeAway.

How much money can you make on HomeAway?

Find out how much you could be earning right away using HomeAway’s free online earnings calculator; the results may surprise you. If you like what you see, it’s up to you to choose your price per night and establish the availability of your property.

Pros of listing on HomeAway

  • Search engine exposure, since HomeAway, dominates keywords in all search engines. Generally speaking, if a traveler is Googling a place to stay, they’ll see the HomeAway family of brands at the top
  • Time, you can make a day to create your list and then configure it on autopilot. In addition to changing rates to meet market demand, you can update your listing as often as you like
  • Payment: customers can quickly pay through the platform
  • Reservations: if your property is competitive, you will see reservations

Cons of listing for HomeAway

  • Initial rates include (1) the payment of an annual subscription of $ 499 (2) Payment per reservation (PPB), the most expensive option where commissions start at 8%
  • Customer service: The customer service team is not very helpful, and you will find yourself on hold a lot.
  • The review system is friendly to guests. When a guest leaves a bad review, under no circumstances can they remove that negative review?

How do I sign up to list on HomeAway?

If you want to list your home on HomeAway, go to Homeaway.com. On the home page, click “List your property” in the upper right corner.

What is the HomeAway website?


Does HomeAway have an app?

To download the mobile app, visit the Apple Store or Google Play.


It seems to us that there are more reasons to try HomeAway than not, especially when you feel that there is absolutely no obligation to continue renting your property if you think that it is not for you. For starters, and to satisfy your curiosity, why not try HomeAway with ‘How much could you earn?’ calculator and discover you’re earning potential? In a matter of moments, you can find out how much extra money you could be making. You never know, it may be the first step to living your dream lifestyle by the sea!

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