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HyreCar Review

Compensation : $12000/year
Category : Car Rentals
Skills Needed : Driving , Interpesonal Skills
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is HyreCar?

HyreCar.com is a peer-to-peer car rental service that is aimed at rideshare drivers. The company aims to solve two significant problems. Firstly, they seek to give people a vehicle that they can use to drive for ridesharing services.

Additionally, HyreCar helps vehicle owners (both private and car dealers) earn extra money by renting their unused cars.

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How does HyreCar work?

With HyreCar, you can hire a car to drive for Uber or Lyft if you don’t have an eligible vehicle, or you can rent out your own vehicle to those who want to drive for Uber and earn some money that way.

Renters can often hit the road in less than 24 hours, and since it’s a market there are plenty of different cars to choose from – we found everything from a basic Hyundai to a 2016 Mercedes E-Class. But during our review of HyreCar, we found that most of the listings were for economy cars more suitable for gas mileage and rideshare.

Keep in mind that HyreCar is a similar market to Airbnb, so they don’t own any cars. Instead, they connect car owners or dealers with rideshare drivers who need a vehicle.

What are the requirements to use HyreCar?

These are the requirements that HyreCar car owners must meet:

Be over 21 years old and be able to sign a legally binding contract; rent a late-model 4-door car

These are the requirements that HyreCar drivers must meet:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Possess a valid in-state driver’s license
  • Have held the driver’s license for no less than one year
  • Have a working mobile phone
  • Have an existing Lyft, Uber ride or other on-demand rideshare or courier account
  • Must pass a background check and a DMV check, which will look for DUI, reckless driving, serious crimes and more than two minor infractions in the past three years.

How do you earn money on HyreCar?

For Owners: Regular people who own cars can put their vehicle on HyreCar and offer it for rent.

For Drivers: Drivers can connect with car owners to use their vehicles for Uber and Lyft for different daily, weekly, and monthly rates.

How much money can you make on HyreCar?

For Owners: HyreCar allows car owners to set their own prices. On average, it can generate a few hundred dollars a week and should at least help you keep up with car payments.

For Drivers: The answer to how much you can earn at Maven depends on your car and location.

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Pros of using HyreCar

For Owners:

  • You have access to comprehensive civil liability insurance and protection against damages. HyreCar examines renters and can always reject a reservation if you are not comfortable with a guest.
  • It is a flexible way to earn passive income when you are not using your vehicle.
  • Set your own hours, prices and you can make even more by offering extras, e.g. Unlimited mileage, additional equipment, prepaid refills, post-trip cleaning, etc.

For Drivers:

  • Once you have paid, the car is yours until the end of the agreed rental, which means everything is cheddar from there.
  • HyreCar provides flexibility, which means it is relatively quick and straightforward to get in and out of rentals
  • Extensive customer service and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Cons of using HyreCar

For Owners:

  • Strangers will ride your car. For me, this is the main disadvantage of this side gig.
  • Not all vehicles are eligible to be listed. Your really old clunker (over 12 years old) or your salvaged vehicle may not meet the basic requirements of the car.
  • If you live in a location that is not a traveler’s destination, reservations may be minimal.

For Drivers:

  • Hyrecar.com is not really a sustainable rental option unless you plan on taking the wheels out of your Uber car rental. Add the fact that many owners limit the mileage on their vehicle to around 300 miles per day.
  • Their model looks solid, but they have not expanded into enough areas to be viable for most ridesharing drivers.

How do I sign up for HyreCar?

Download the HyreCar Gig app and complete the enrollment process with information about yourself. Applying to be a driver or car owner in the HyreCar database is a simple process.

What is the website for HyreCar?


Does HyreCar have an app?

The HyreCar app is available for iOS and Android.


Not surprisingly, HyreCar has created a storm on the Internet and with the owner-driver-ridesharing folks.

It has gained constant popularity in online forums, with most owners and drivers saying they are satisfied with the money they are making and applauding the smooth process of HyreCar and the super helpful sales team.

There may be some hurdles, and some users claim that HyreCar responds slowly and that they had trouble using a HyreCar rental with Uber, but you will discover that these are few and far between, that even good companies face, from time to time.

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