Instacart Review | How to make money on Instacart

Instacart Review

Compensation :  $20-$25/hr 
Skills Needed : Delivery 
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is Instacart?

Are you a couch-potato and want to skip the month’s grocery shopping? Well, your smartphone can do the task by delivering the grocery to your doorstep.

Instacart is an online wholesome fresh grocery booking app that helps to buy organic food. It was founded in 2012 in the U.S and then started delivering in Canada in 2017. It is serving in various states of Canada and the USA at present.

How does Instacart work?

Instacart works by allowing you to shop the wholesome food from the local stores. It has partnered with some widespread stores like Albertsons, Kroger, Publix and accessible to almost 80% households in the U.S. It is user-oriented as it helps to shop the grocery by logging in to the website and then you can get your favorite items in an hour or two. The location you give is then tracked and saved for deliveries.

What are the requirements to work for Instacart?

The Instacart has two types of workers like a full-service shopper and in-store shopper. So, if you have no vehicle you can be a part of Instacart, unlike other apps. The eligibility criteria include the following requirements from the drivers:

  • Your age must be 18 to 21 or older and have a license.
  • You must have a vehicle that is able to carry 30 to 40 pounds.
  • You must have a personal smartphone that is compatible with the app.
  • The insurance policy of the vehicle must be done.
  • You must activate your account on by undertaking the information you provide and attending an in-person orientation.
  • There is a background check after that to ensure if you are viable or not.

How do you earn money on Instacart?

Instacart allows its workers to earn money through the app, and the wages depend on the type of workers and varies with the location of deliveries. The following are some ways to earn more money:

If you are an independent contractor, then it’s a great deal as it helps you earn a commission depending on the number of deliveries you make.

Instacart arranges various events like the Super Bowl that gives a great chance to earn more money, and working on Sundays is always a good option.

How much money can you make on Instacart?

Earning money during busy shifts may range from $20 to $25 per hour Adding tips increases the amount of money.

Pros of working for Instacart

Shop at multiple stores from a single place.

They allow substitutions of the products offered that’s an interesting feature.

The personal shoppers are friendly, and you can directly chat.

The delivery process is simple and not complicated.

Tips are more than usual for delivering alcohol.

They offer paid jobs to disable people.

Cons of working for Instacart

Instacart has its own prices that are usually higher from the original store prices.

There are no sales or rewards in the Instacart app.

Sometimes replacements are done that can be stressful.

How do I sign up to work for Instacart?

There is no complex way to sign-up on Instacart. All that you need to do is write your email account on the given space and add a suitable password to create an account on Instacart.

What is the website for Instacart?

Instacart app


Instacart is the ultimate time-saving app that contains millions of nutritive products that are organic and gluten-free. If you have a busy schedule, then you can rely on this app as its more convenient and accessible in the states and cities of the US and Canada. Every month’s grocery can be done on the go by using Instacart.

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