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Itworthmore Review

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What is ItsWorthMore?

ItsWorthMore was founded in 2012 to offer customers a choice when looking to change their old cell phones and electronic products. The business is based in Sanford, Florida. The companies’ service is technology-based, ensuring users can sell their electronic products at the touch of a button with an easy-to-use platform. ItsWorthMore recycles smartphones, tablets, and smart-wear throughout the United States.

The company cares about the customer and puts the user experience at the center of the process, from ordering, shipping, and testing of devices. The company guarantees price transparency and will offer more than what was initially quoted if the device is worth more!

How does ItsWorthMore work?

According to its website,’s goal was to provide individuals and businesses with a way to exchange their used electronic products for the highest value in a way that was simple and convenient and that had none of the risks associated with using online auctions.

To do this, they ask their customers to find the used electronic device they hope to sell on their website and then use their price calculator to get an instant quote based on the condition of that device. Then customers will print a free shipping label and then pack and ship the item directly to them.

What are the requirements to sell for ItsWorthMore?

Electronics to sell and the legal right to sell them

How do you earn money on ItsWorthMore?

They buy your device, so you are only dealing with them rather than individual resellers or buyers, which can be a relief. It offers more consistency and transparency in evaluating what your device is worth, and they clearly explain on their site what the deal is with adjustments if and when they are made.

How much money can you make on ItsWorthMore?


Pros of selling for ItsWorthMore

  • You get stuff out of your house. We don’t think the mental happiness quotient of clearing out a bunch of unused things can be overstated.
  • You earn money. If you have things that you are not using or keeping for sentimental reasons, giving it a second life while getting a small financial reward is best.
  • Easy to use, especially compared to eBay.
  • Fast; can do entire box quickly
  • Shipping is paid; you need to drop it off
  • Trustworthy; no dealing with potential scammers (B+ BBB ranking)

Cons of selling for ItsWorthMore

  • Several consumers noticed that ItsWorthMore lowered its offered price after receiving the cell phone.
  • Not all items are accepted
  • The price is usually much lower than eBay

How do I sign up to sell for ItsWorthMore?

Once you have opened the website, tap “Start Selling,” followed by “Create an Account.”

What is the website for ItsWorthMore?

Does ItsWorthMore have an app?

There are no apps available.


Overall, ItsWorthMore is a robust and respected site with excellent customer service and useful options. The only downside could be the slightly lower price. If you are looking for the highest price, this might not be the best site for you. Still, given their excellent track record, it is worth considering a guaranteed slightly lower price, as they have excellent customer service and take their satisfaction with their service seriously. In the end, you should choose the service that best suits your needs and seems to be the right fit for the device you are looking to sell!

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