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JustShareIt Review

Compensation : $5-12/hour
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Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is JustShareIt?

JustShareIt is a peer-to-peer car-sharing and car-sharing marketplace. It allows people to rent vehicles directly from individual car owners or car-sharing companies at local neighborhood locations or wherever they are traveling. It will enable its members to rent the cars by the hour, using their smartphone as with companies like Airbnb, Lyft, and Zipcar. JustShareIt is considered a service provider in the sharing economy.

How does JustShareIt work?

JustShareIt is free to join, and there are no application fees to get started.

You can rent a car, truck, van, or SUV at JustShareIt with many additional benefits, including all-inclusive insurance coverage and roadside assistance.

This on-demand car rental service allows you to unlock your vehicle and go with the JustShareIt mobile app, or you can pick up the key directly with no hassle or queues.

Vehicle availability will vary, but most vehicles can be rented by the hour, day, week, or even month.

If you have a vehicle to rent, you can also join the JustShareIt car owners’ community and rent your car to eligible members in your local area when you are not using it.

What are the requirements to list on JustShareIt?

  • Small passenger vehicle (less than 8 passengers)
  • 2008 or newer
  • Less than 125,000 miles
  • Never been smoked in

How do you earn money on JustShareIt?

JustShareIt is a car-sharing service perfect for people who own a vehicle and want to earn some extra money.

How much money can you make on JustShareIt?

JustShareIt claims that car owners can generate up to an additional $ 1000 per month, but the average user makes around $250.

Pros of listing on JustShareIt

  • The benefits to the owner are that they can make the car pay for itself while renting it
  • Owners can check the reputations of their prospective renters to decide if they want to deal.
  • You can even message prospective renters directly, asking for more details on how many miles they plan to put on the car, for example, or if they will use it to haul heavy items.
  • The owner can rent the vehicle during the day, for example, and earn money while working.
  • Renters benefit from not having to own any or at least as many vehicles, as they can rent one as needed.

Cons of listing on JustShareIt

  • JustShareIt is not available in many cities, so it is not an option for many people who want to share their cars.
  • People could wreck your car, not have it back on time, or even leave it far away.
  • Wear and tear. This may sound like effortless money, but even if drivers return your car clean with a full tank of gas, you need to remember that every mile takes a toll.
  • Some insurers do not like their clients’ vehicles showing up in car-sharing markets.

How do I sign up to list onJustShareIt?

First, download the JustShareIt app or access its site on your desktop.

Once you select “List your car,” you will enter your car year, rate and fill in your basic contact information.

What is the website for JustShareIt?


Does JustShareIt have an app?

JustShareIt is available for iOS and Android.


The decision to rent out your car may not be for everyone. Some car owners may be concerned about strangers riding in their vehicles; others may not want the additional mileage. JustShareIt has $1,000,000 supplemental insurance policies that provide coverage in the event of loss, damage, or theft of a car. And remember, if you are suspicious about a potential renter, there is no pressure to confirm a reservation.

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