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Kidizen Review

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What is Kidizen?

Kids run out of clothes so fast! It is as if one day you buy them a pair of expensive tennis shoes and the next they tell you that they are too small. It’s like if only you could resell those clothes for real money…

With the Kidizen app, you can do that! Unlike other online sales platforms, Kidizen is specially for kids’ and mommy clothes!

How does Kidizen work?

If your young ‘un has a penchant for wearing particularly trendy clothes, Kidizen is the perfect place to sell it. Rather than a website, Kidizen is an app that seeks to connect moms looking to sell their children’s items with moms looking to buy them. The company aims to create a close community of trusted buyers and sellers, an effort that helps ease anxiety. Kidizen caters to trendy fashions for kids of all ages.

There are two ways to sell on Kidizen. You can list and sell the items on Kidizen yourself, or for a small fee, you can use a Style Scout to do all the work for you.

Style Scouts are expert vendors who will come to your home and work with you to sell your products. You do not have to do anything. Just give them the clothes, and they will take care of the rest.

What are the requirements to list on Kidizen?

If you choose to sell, listing your items is simple. Just click on the sell logo at the bottom of the Kidizen app. Press create a list and add the details and images of your article. Add a price and Kidizen will tell you how much you will earn on your item before you list!

How do you earn money on Kidizen?

To get start selling on the platform, all you have to do is download the free Kidizen app.

How much money can you make on Kidizen?

Put it all together, and you’ll have a five- or six-figure income recipe every year.

Listing an item on Kidizen is free. When your item is sold, they deduct a market rate of 12% (+ $.50) from the List Price.

Pros of listing on Kidizen

  • Creating a list is free!
  • You can offer discounts on your items, so they sell faster.
  • Shipping labels can be purchased directly from the site, saving you time and cash.
  • You can link your PayPal account to be paid / trade-in your Kid Bucks, which you earn from the site.
  • There is a downloadable app, so you can sell your clothes and stay up to date with your account anytime, anywhere.

Cons of listing on Kidizen

  • You don’t get 100% of the sale. The site profits a little from what it sells, so expect to get roughly 88% of what you list.
  • You are charged one dollar if you wish to withdraw your winnings that are less than $15 in total.

How do I sign up to list on Kidizen?

To register with Kidizen, you must create a profile and add images of your merchandise to your account.

What is the website for Kidizen?

Does Kidizen have an app?

The Kidizen mobile app is available for the Android and iOS versions.


If you have enough children’s clothes that your little ones no longer use, you can visit Kidizen, where parents can quickly create their own virtual store. This means finding a store name, adding profile photos, and completing a bio. This is definitely more for parents who have a lot of clothes to upload and / or someone interested in building a community with other parents on the site.

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