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Lessonface Review

Compensation :  $10-$30/hr 
Skills Needed : Teaching
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is LessonFace?

LessonFace, founded in 2012, offers online live music lessons for kids, beginners, intermediates, and experts in over 85 categories, from guitar, drums, and trombone to beatboxing and improvisation. With teachers sporting Grammys, hundreds of years of combined expertise in music lessons, and mature and both budding recordings and live careers, LessonFace enables students to find the absolute best teacher to meet face-to-face, without leaving home.

How does LessonFace work?

LessonFace brings together music students and teachers for live classes, which happen directly through a computer or tablet. Teachers set their rates and availability. Students choose their teacher and schedule. All that is required is a computer or tablet (iPad, Android, etc.) with a webcam and an Internet connection.

What are the requirements to work for LessonFace?

Teachers cover about 85 instruments and voice, in many genres, and all meet the site requirements for the level of experience: at least two years of music teaching experience, or five years as a professional musician. About half of the teachers at Lessonface have a degree in music, and there are multiple Grammy winners and well-known recording artists who accept students through the platform. Teachers listed as teaching children have also passed criminal background checks.

How do you earn money on LessonFace?

Teach on your terms. Set your working hours and your rates. You control the curriculum.

How much money can you make on LessonFace?

You set your rates.

Pros of working for LessonFace

  • If you are looking for online work to make money from music or acting, you can teach these skills through Lessonface.
  • Less distraction. Students are more focused on what the teacher has to say and complete tasks.
  • Cameras with high-quality displays are easily accessible due to the advanced technology of smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
  • It is free to sign up, but teachers must have teaching experience or extraordinary skills to pass the rigorous site vetting system.
  • Teachers on the platform set their rates, paying a modest 7.5% unless LessonFace finds the student for you.

Cons of working for LessonFace

  • No physical interaction. If a student plays with a less than stellar technique, the teacher will have to describe and demonstrate how to change it, rather than physically adjust it.
  • Inability to take notes and point to sections on the sheet music.
  • Many believe that teaching online is not as time-consuming as teaching in the classroom. For most, the opposite turns out to be true.
  • You can’t share snacks (seriously, the biggest con).

How do I sign up to work for LessonFace?

Register at Lessonface.com and choose “I am a teacher.” Follow the steps to apply to teach.

What is the website for LessonFace?


Does LessonFace have an app?

There are no apps available.


If you are struggling as an artist or linguist, you can teach your trade through LessonFace. The site connects music, art, acting, and language teachers with students who want to learn these skills.

Teachers are typically paid within 3 days of telling the platform that the lesson is complete, which should be done promptly. (If you don’t acknowledge completed lessons within four weeks, you waive your payment. Don’t do that.) Lessonface also requires teachers to respond to lesson requests within 48 hours to avoid account lockout.

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