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LifePoints Review

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What is LifePoints?

LifePoints have a fairly long history. It was initially known as the Global Test Market, owned by Lightspeed.

Lightspeed has been around since the 1940s conducting market research. It claims to reach more than 70 countries around the world conducting research, making them the most extensive “research analytics and custom provider.

LifePoints claim to have a community of over 5,000,000 members. Since they come from a merger of two survey platforms plus the long history, it’s probably true.

How does LifePoints work?

LifePoints is a Get-Paid-To platform that allows users to complete the simple task in exchange for points, after accumulating points; users can convert their points into cash and other rewards.

Once you sign up, you get ten points.

LifePoints work like this:

  1. A specific company wants to know what consumers think about its products and services.
  2. They employed LightSpeed, who designs a survey through LifePoints and collects and analyzes the collected data.
  3. This survey is extended to members who are suitable for that demographic.
  4. Only members who qualify and complete the survey will earn LifePoints
  5. LifePoints members can redeem their LifePoints for PayPal credit, gift cards, or they can donate.

What are the requirements to sign up on LifePoints?

LifePoints is accessible to users over the age of 16+ worldwide.

How do you earn money on LifePoints?

LifePoints is a free service and a well-established platform where users are rewarded with points after taking simple surveys.

Thereafter you can use these points to get the reward you deserve.

How much money can you make on LifePoints?

For a ten-minute question or not, users get between 35 and 60 points, and surveys are not uncommon.

Two thousand two hundred points equal $40, and you will need at least 1,100 points to cash out using PayPal.

Pros of LifePoints

  • There are various ways to increase your earnings.
  • You can log in and go to the Rewards page to see your earnings history and see how your points are shaping up.
  • You can choose how to redeem your LifePoints and rewards.
  • You can cancel your membership at any time. Just uninstall the app from your phone.
  • LifePoints expire after three years from the award date or after 12 months of no account activity.

Cons of LifePoints

  • Their referral program is not available worldwide
  • Several countries are restricted to limited surveys.
  • You really can’t know for sure how much you can earn by completing a survey.
  • When you think you already qualify for a survey, you end up being rejected for not being fully qualified.

How do I sign up for LifePoints?

Signing up is easy: first, visit the LifePoints website, go to the top right corner, and click JOIN NOW. You need an active email address and a password you can remember. After this stage, an email will be sent for confirmation to the address you provided.

What is the website for LifePoints?

Does LifePoints have an app?

The LifePoints is available for Android and iPhone users.


LifePoints is legitimate and is not a scam.

It’s not easy to trust Get-Paid-To programs, these programs may seem real, but there is always an underlying attempt to scam users. What is not a scam is that you can only earn extra money with the LifePoints Panel and not a full-time income.

LifePoints Panel has built a solid reputation for decades, and millions of users have surveyed and been paid, with little or no complaints.

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