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Magic Ears Review

Compensation : $26/hr
Skills Needed : Teaching
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is Magic Ears?

Magic Ears is one of many online ESL teaching platforms aimed at young Chinese people interested in learning English from native speakers. It’s a fairly new learning program, launched in 2017. Like similar websites, Magic Ears targets students between the ages of five and twelve and hires teachers from the US and Canada.

How does Magic Ears work?

Basically, you will be using a headset and microphone to chat with ESL students as you work through the lesson slides provided on the Magic Ears platform.

Unlike many other online ESL platforms, Magic Ears has a 1 to 4 classroom structure. This means that you will be teaching 4 students at a time.

After each class, you will complete a quick assessment for students to say how they did. The system keeps track of how many lessons you complete, and you are paid accordingly.

What are the requirements to work for Magic Ears?

Teaching requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher with teaching experience is preferred, but not essential
  • Some form of teaching certification: TEFL/TESOL is preferred as it is a company based in China.
  • Only native speakers from the US or Canada
  • Teaching experience preferred but not essential. Though, do not put 0 as years of experience when applying.

How do you earn money on Magic Ears?

Magic Ears offers its teachers the opportunity to work in secondary positions for more income, such as working on social media, interviewing, mentoring, and proofreading.

Are you interested in teaching English online? Magic Ears is the company for you.

How much money can you make on Magic Ears?

You can earn up to $26 per hour – this is definitely on the higher end of the pay scale!

Although you won’t just start at $26 per hour, this is earned through a high feedback level. For many, the starting salary is $18 to $22 per hour and depends on your relevant experience and teaching background.

Pros of working for Magic Ears

  • The site places a high priority on making teachers feel valued and important
  • The teaching platform is easy to navigate
  • The pay is usually higher than what you find in the industry.
  • There are opportunities to progress with the company.

Cons of working for Magic Ears

  • Teachers are limited in the hours they can teach.
  • The application process is slow, and many applicants are rejected for a variety of reasons.
  • Teaching, a group of 4 students, can be more challenging than the one-to-one ratio on other platforms
  • You must maintain a high energy level when teaching, which can be stressful and exhausting.

How do I sign up to work for Magic Ears?

First of all, follow our link to the application form, which can be found HERE, or register through the banner at the platform’s bottom. Here you fill in all your details and relevant experience, this part is straightforward, and if you meet their requirements, you’ll be approved relatively quickly.

What is the Magic Ears website?

Does Magic Ears have an app?

No app available


Magic Ears is a highly respected company that has many benefits. If the applicant likes teaching groups, this platform could prove very lucrative. The platform itself is flexible and does not enforce a strict policy when it comes to canceling classes.

We have seen some complaints that the platform is perhaps too focused on props and realia, but we think this is all down to the individual.

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