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MaxBack Review

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Category : Marketplace
Skills Needed : Buy and Sell Pre-owned Gadgets 
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is MaxBack?

MaxBack is another online exchange service that accepts a wide range of devices. In addition to buying phones and tablets, MaxBack will also buy smartwatches, fitness trackers, headphones, speakers, and virtual reality headsets. The company promises a quick payment, sending you money in less than a week if you choose the PayPal option. MaxBack will even send you $10 for your broken phone; hey, at least it’s something.

How does MaxBack work?

Find your device on MaxBack, and they will give you an instant offer. You can accept their offer immediately or think it over: the quote is valid for 30 days. If you decide to sell, the platform will provide you with a prepaid USPS label to ship in your device. Once received, they will pay you quickly. If your payment option is PayPal, you may have funds in your account within 4 days of accepting your quote!

If you’re a new user, they will give you up to an extra $5 when you sell your first item. If that wasn’t enough, you could even sell your broken iPhone to MaxBack for up to $100.

What are the requirements to sell to MaxBack?

Be over 18 years of age with the legal right to sell your electronic products.

How do you earn money on MaxBack?

MaxBack is a site that buys and sells well-maintained, discounted electronics, including iPhones, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy devices. Sellers can trade in their old technology for money or look for deals on new phones and tablets for them.

How much money can you make on MaxBack?

How much money you can actually earn depends on a few factors, including how much you sell and your items’ market value.

Pros of selling to MaxBack

  • MaxBack is rated A with the Better Business Bureau at the time of this publication.
  • They offer promotions, so take a look at their website and see what they offer.
  • MaxBack has an acceptance limit of 4 items per calendar month.
  • MaxBack has more than 2000 reviews on TrustPilot, with an average rating of 9.6 and more than 300 reviews on Reseller Ratings with an average rating of 9.7.
  • The site seems deceptively simple.

Cons of selling to MaxBack

  • Not all items are accepted
  • You will not know until they receive it if the condition is acceptable (they will return tech)
  • MaxBack price is usually much lower than eBay

How do I sign up to sell to MaxBack?

Go to the MaxBack website to sign up.

What is the website for MaxBack?

Does MaxBack have an app?

No available apps


We are determined that negative reviews for are due to people overestimating their items’ value and thinking they will get a retail price from this service. They really offer less hassle and time savings by offering to purchase your items at a lower price. is a great place to go if you want to bypass the listing, the wait, and the uncertainty of selling it on sites like eBay or Craigslist.

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